Coerced Metamorphosis, Sky’s Werewolf Fraternity Fun Pt 2


coerced metamorphosis was my focus now.  Swaying slightly, I pretended to be drunk as I made a rambling toast.

I kept going on and on, knowing I was no longer downwind of you. The second you caught my scent, we locked eyes. I pulled my whistle from between my tits again and blew it into the mix as hard as I could.

Walking through the confused crowd, I blew it relentlessly as you howled and tore at your clothes in pain. Your coerced metamorphosis had started.  My eyes burned with hunger as your friends desperately tried to help you up.

One grabbed at your arm and in your haste to keep them safe you lashed out, scratching her.

I dropped the whistle onto its chain and cradled your friend’s arm in my hand.

You growled at me, pushing your energy at me, demanding I submit. But I’m not just another bitch, ready to submit to her alpha whenever he wants.  I was in control of the coerced metamorphosis.

So I let my arm slowly, methodically transform. My skin gave way to sleek tan fur and four delicate claws replaced my nails. Leaning down to your convulsing form, I ran a claw up your thigh, tearing fabric and skin as I went.

Your skin repaired itself almost as quickly as I could cut and I was impressed! Not every werewolf can regenerate that quickly.

You were smirking in your cockiness so I brought you right back to the reality of your coerced transformation. I raised one slim eyebrow and gestured to the crowd.

With my hand still on you, I squeezed your cock as your duty set in. You couldn’t allow witnesses to know the truth, your pack would kill you if you did. And for a potential Alpha like you, that’d be a shame.

I loved the hate that radiated out of your eyes in that moment. You wanted me, craved what I offered, but you were still fighting your beast. So like any rational werepanther, I bit you until I could taste your delicious blood.

The fight was intense, but his skin began to turn to thick, black fur. He tried desperately to stay in his humanoid form as he fought me, but I wasn’t having it. I managed to break away and grab a petite human, quickly severing her jugular.

I tossed her body at you and watched you fight with all your strength to stay somewhat human.

So I finished my transformation.

Getting onto all fours, I felt my skin and bones shift as I turned into a large sleek panther. Using as much force as I could, I sent a piercing wave of energy your way, making you whimper as your bones cracked and rearranged themselves.

And there you were! A glorious black timberwolf.

After your coerced transformation, and in our true forms we hunted side by side, snapping necks, cleaning up the mess I’d made.

When the last human was bleeding out, we rejoined each other. My tan fur showed a lot more of the blood than yours, but I knew from the scent that you’d done your fair share of savaging…and possibly fucking.

It filled me with rage thinking of your coupling with one of those damned humans. So for the rest of the night, I covered you in my scent. We fucked until the sun came up and we returned to our human forms. So don’t let anyone tell you that interspecies sex isn’t hot as fuck, because we both know it’s a lie!

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