Coerced Transformation, Sky’s Werewolf Fraternity Fun

In this recounting of coerced  metamorphosis, I could smell you from a mile away. The musky aroma of canine always tickles my spine in just the right way. But which one were you? In a crowd this large it was impossible to tell. There was only one way to find out, so I discreetly pulled the dog whistle necklace from between my large tits. It was warm from its position on my chest and that made me smile.

I put my red Solo cup down and climbed the fraternity’s first few steps so I could find you. With my fingers crossed, I blew as hard as I could. And there you were.

My eyes latched onto you and I knew you were going to be mine.

I cut the whistle to instigate short that instigated the coerced  transformation and jumped back into the crowd so you wouldn’t spot me.

It was a close call but I was gone by the time you were able to compose yourself enough to seek out the offensive noise. Too bad! Sure it would have complicated my plan, but it would have exhilarated me to no end knowing you were aware I was hunting you.

For a while I kept my distance, watching you from afar as you slowly let your guard back down. You were so handsome as you smiled and laughed like all of the other college boys. I laughed as you, a typical male, made a move on a very horny coed. Like I was going to let my prize get away that easily.

I let you have your fun though. There was no rush. The moon wouldn’t be up for a few hours, so why not let you enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a while too before the coerced  metamorphosis.

Mindful of your own hypersensitive nose, I stayed downwind.

As the sun sank and the moon rose, I could almost feel your energy vibrating through the crowd. The people near you grew louder, hornier. I smiled, realizing I was dealing with one talented puppy.

But raw talent was no match for my experience. This kitty can purr, baby. And that’s exactly what I did. Like any feline, I cautiously approached, choosing my steps carefully for this coerced  transformation. I could keep him from smelling me but if I let my power brush against him, my fun was over.

So I circled, radiating calming energy into those at the furthest edges of his reach. Slowly I closed my circle, edging closer and releasing his inadvertent thralls. As the mania left them, they retreated from us both, unaware of what caused their discomfort. Puny humans, so pathetic in their ignorance.

Almost as pathetic as you spilling your energy onto others instead of embracing your change. I went around barring every door as you burned those delicious humans with your raw energy.

And then it was time for the coerced  metamorphosis. I sauntered over to the DJ booth, stole the mic and cut the music.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween Transformation story!

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