Reluctantly I got into the passenger seat of his car, and that’s where my Coerced Sex Story continued. It was one of the creepiest feelings, sitting there with him staring at me, the few moments of silence that passed causing my heart to race. 

He slowly reached over, placing his hand on my arm in an attempt to comfort me, but that’s when I heard the locks on the door thump shut…

This Coerced Sex Story is about to get real… However, remember to pick up that phone and call if you wanna continue the journey after reading this! 

His hand slowly moved to my thigh. If I had known at that moment that he was going to be touching me in that way, I wouldn’t have worn the little blue dress I had on. It was my favorite one, it had little rosy-orange flowers scattered around it. But the best part was the length. It was super short, falling just below my bottom. 

He kept creeping his hand further up my thigh as I began to protest, telling him that it was inappropriate and that my parents were going to be severely angry with him. TO which he just laughed and informed me that if I told them, he would inform them that I had been sneaking out to see him. 

I was dumbfounded… He was about to Coerce me and force me to do things with him I had never imagined. 

That’s when I heard the car click into drive, and we proceeded to move down the street towards his house. As we approached the driveway, he informed me that his house and garage were soundproof and to not even bother screaming because no one would hear me anyway. 

He pulled into his garage and I heard the rumbling of the door closing overhead, as he stepped out of the car. I tried opening the door, but there was no handle to open it from the inside, it had been removed… 

As the passenger side door opened, he reached in and took me by the arm, removing me from the vehicle. My heart was racing so much, I was so scared of what was about to happen next in this Coerced Sex Story.

He informed me that I needed to remove my shoes and leave them next to the car before we proceeded into his house. Guiding me by his grip on my arm, we made our way to the living room. Where he finally allowed me to stand by myself in the middle of the room. 

Walking over to the liquor cabinet, he poured himself something thick and brown to drink. Then moving to take a seat on the couch in front of me. His eyes looked me up and down as he sat back just staring.

“Remove that Dress.” He barked and he saw me scanning the room looking for some sort of escape. But the windows and doors all had locks on them. I slowly began to remove my dress as he shuffled in his seat. I could see the bulge growing in his pants as he snickered to himself. 

Would you like to know what happened next?

Come play, boys. 



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