Coerce Phone Sex Fantasy- Izzie gets a surprise- Part 2

However, From his face, I knew he was into coerced Fetishes. Black shaggy hair, dark blue eyes, scruffy shaved beard, and a square facial structure. He looked older…much older. “So. You’re going to be a good girl for me right?” he repeated. I nodded my head slowly not wanting to get punched again. “good.” he bent his face towards my breast and sucked on my nipple. Swirling his tongue around and even giving it a gentle nibble. His hands slid down my waist, one hand finds my ass and plays with it while the other hand finds my soft spot. I tried to block my mind from this but an odd sensation was coming from me. I couldn’t quite understand it and frankly, I didn’t want too.

“I-if you stop now…I won’t tell anyone. I won’t go to the police or anything.” I pleaded hoping he would listen to my words and miraculously he would just stop; but like any far-off dream bubble, they get popped.

“Shut up stupid whore.” he grinned slyly. “I know a certain someone is enjoying this. You’re so wet down there baby. Your body is begging me to love you.” I heard a belt being undone and shortly I hear a zipper unzip. Firstly, My legs started to wobble, and secondly, my head was spinning from all the adrenaline. This really was happening and the more I tried to process this; The angrier at myself I get. This was my fault. Why did I wear such skimpy clothes? Why do I always drink too much and walk home alone? These questions, because I didn’t ask them sooner, got me In this position.

As if to snap me out of my thoughts, he raises my legs and places them on his hips, and quickly with the help of gravity he shoves himself inside me so fast and so hard I let out a scream. He takes his sharp object and holds it deeper to my neck. “if you want to be a good girl and not a dead girl, I’d suggest you keep your pretty mouth shut.” he said gruffly.

In the momentary silence between us, I hear a few drops of liquid hit the ground and instantly I know what it is. I’m no longer pure. Stained by his vulgarness, stained by his impurity, ruined forevermore.

“uh oh!” my captor said grinning from ear to ear. “someone was a virgin!” he laughs and starts moving his hips in and out with my back squished against the wall.  The pain surged throughout me. “please” I said muffled as my tears spilled over from the pain. “please stop.” His coerced fetish blooming from him.

He started to groan in pleasure and move faster. More and more agony was given to me. At this point, I just wished for death. For him to ‘accidentally’ pierce my throat and end my misery. However, it never came.

“you on the pill?” he asks out of breath. Desperate to think I stammered, “w…what?!” taken aback by the question I quickly answered. “n-no. I’m not.” As if he just heard a really funny joke, he chuckles sinisterly. “you’re going to regret that baby.”


My eyes grew wide in horror. “NO! Please!” I begged. “please don’t cum in me! Please!” I said with desperation and fear but however, he still moved even faster and pounded harder. He kept hitting a spot that made my breathing ragged. One that sent a shock throughout my body and stunned me. One that made my body want to coil in on itself.

An unpleasant ‘God help me’ feeling.

He started to pant and groan even louder and I knew he was almost there. ”ah..ah…AH” he groaned loudly. “You’re so tight! I’m gonna cum for you baby!” he shouts. My body started to tremble and shake from the exertion. He pounded so hard and so fast into me my breathing stopped completely.” here…I ….CUM!” he shouts.  I hear his moan of ecstasy and suddenly feel his hot liquids shoot into me. My body shivered at the temperature difference. He pulled out of me and stood me on my feet to which I completely collapse on the ground shaking uncontrollably. “thanks for the fun.” he smirked and stuffed his dick back into his pants; He looked both ways and ran out of the alley. I learned very quickly what a coerce fetish was and how dangerous they really are.

he Left me here in my own darkness. The darkness…that he created.

i coiled in on myself. I wanted to go home, be at home. i wanted to shower with as hot as the water will allow. i felt gross, and dirty. if i could wash my skin off i would. instead of moving towards home, i sat in the alleyway. rested my head against the cold concrete, and spaced out, hoping that this will all be just a nightmare, and i’ll wake up.

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