Coerce Me For My First Time- Part 1

Wanna know how I learn about Coerce fetishes? Here’s my story. I stumble my way out of the bar. Dazed and angry. I can’t believe the bartender kicked me out for ‘drinking too much’. Who was he to tell me to stop? I spun around to face the outside of the bar. “Fuck you!” I cursed. Guess I have no choice but to head home. I hated the idea of going home. There’s nothing there waiting for me. No one to greet me, or hug and hold me. It’s an empty shell of a house. The more I thought about it the angrier I got; However, I decided to take a moment to breathe in and out slowly.

I pulled up the sleeve to my dark black dress that fits snugly and re-adjusted my sparkly silver scarf around my neck.

Once I composed myself I started walking home. It was easy to remember where home was. I’ve been to this bar dozens of times so the route is memorized in my head. Even if I became so sloshed I couldn’t remember my own name, I know, I’d still be able to manage to walk somewhat in the direction I’d need to go.


“Hey pretty little lady.” a gruff voice came from behind me. Continuing to walk “Not interested.” I stated. “Awe don’t be like that. Let me show you how to have a great time tonight,” he said grabbing my arm. Shocked I tried to pull my arm away but to no avail. “Let me go,” I commanded. He chuckled and started pulling on my arm towards some dark alley. “I just love red-heads. Have a thing for them and for some reason just can’t seem to resist them…” In the back of my brain, I wondered if this was part of his coerced Fetish but I dismissed that thought.


My heart started racing as I thought about what he might do to me.

The dark alley made it hard to see even his face which by the way he was breathing was hovering over my face. “What do you want from me?” I asked trying to sound annoyed. He grabbed my hand and place it over his bulge in his pants. I recoiled from it quickly.

He pressed his body against mine and slowly kissed my neck. With all my might I tried to push him off but it just was not happening. He was too bulk built. “Get off of me!” I demanded now pissed off. All he did was laugh at me and

Without warning, he ripped my dress in half exposing my body.

Finally the realization of what’s about to take place sets in. My body becomes stiff and rigid. My mind moving a thousand miles an hour in terror. “Please don’t do this.” my voice, one that no longer sounds like my own, pleaded. “Stop” I whispered. I knew from this point on that he had a coerce fetish. He places something cold and hard against my throat. Still, I remained frozen unable to react to anything.

Only able to watch the horror unfold as if it were a movie.

I felt my panties being torn from me. “Now you’re going to be a good girl and do whatever I want. Right? “ he said in a soothing voice, but somehow it sounded like a lion about to enjoy the gazelle he just captured. I was just starting to envision the gazelle running from the lion when I received a punch to my stomach snapping me back to reality. My stomach ached from the punch and my eyes, now adjusted to the darkness locked onto his face.

I hope this coerce fetish blog really turned you on. Can’t wait for part 2? No sweat! Then just purchase my audio. So that way you can hear for yourself my beautiful soothing voice get coerced. If you liked that then check out one of my other blogs. Smoking fetish part 1.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss out.

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