This story of co-ed lesbians gets really dirty in all the good ways! Enjoy!

“Then show me.”

I mewled helplessly, opening the lips of my pussy with trembling fingers and sinking one inside.

“Fuck, I can hear that from here. Pull your top down so I can see your tits.”

I yanked at the flimsy material, exposing myself and fucking my finger in faster.

“After I make you come on my cock, I’m going to pull it out and go down on you, taste you, make your clit throb against my tongue.”

I moaned loudly, bucking into my hand.

“And once I make you come again in my mouth, I’m going to flip you over onto your hands and knees and fuck you hard from behind. Because that’s what you want. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” 

Sarah’s voice went breathy, close, and I rode the sound of it like a wave to shore.

“Because he makes you feel like a lady… my brother. And I… Fuck, Athena… I make you feel as dirty as you are.”

We never got to those ideas, though, because when she came to the bed, we absolutely got distracted with each other. She left my nightgown around my middle and stripped off her clothes before sliding next to me. Her mouth found my breasts as she pushed my hand aside and drove two fingers into me. As I moaned, I found her cunt was just as hot and tight as mine, so this was clearly not a one sided thing. I mirrored her actions, fucking her hard with my fingers as my other hand found her short hair and pulled. 

Her teeth dug into my nipple at the feel of my fingers, which sped us both up. I teetered on the edge, and the expert feel of her fingers was just what I needed. I gasped Sarah’s name in her ear, my hips rocking against her hand. She grinned up at me and I found heaven. Were all co-ed lesbians this good in bed, or was it just her?

I came first, groaning as I curled on my side on the bed and clamping my thighs around her hand – and then Sarah, close behind, her breathy whines keeping me going. My fingers rubbed harsh at her clit and I was falling, falling, “Yesyesyesyesyesohfuckyes!”

I panted there, a crumpled heap on the sheets, and Sarah’s dark chuckle stroked over my damp skin.

“I’m going home in two weeks,” Sarah said, and I couldn’t tell if it was a taunt about what a whore I was – a reminder that I’d have to hold myself back and wait – or if it was only reminder that she actually liked me and would miss me.

I suddenly wanted to pull Sarah back to her room. A wild thought as my breasts tingled with the memory of that filthy mouth sucking on them. I wanted to come again, to never stop. And simultaneously, I felt ill.

“Get some sleep,” Sarah told her, her gaze flitting down my body briefly in a way that suggested a slight loosening of the reins on her own hunger.

“Thank you,” I said.

The lights went dark and I rolled to my back, staring at the ceiling and picturing the eventual skulk back to my boyfriend.

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