Being co-ed lesbians can be really difficult sometimes, especially when you’re not ready to admit how you want to sleep with your boyfriend’s sister more than him.

I waited as long as I could. 

There was my boyfriend, sleeping on the pillow beside me. He had a nice nose and his hair fanned out on his pillow, soft and dark. I almost reached out and touched him, but the possibility of waking him stopped my hand. I swallowed and turned my gaze to the ceiling, trying to simply wait out the longing.

It was hot, too hot. How could anyone sleep when it was so hot? I threw the covers off my body resentfully then carefully, so as not to wake Bill, I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Water. That’s all I needed was water. I went to the bathroom to get some and took long gulps to try to cool myself from the inside out.

Setting the glass down, I licked stray drops from my lips, turned to check that Bill still slept, and then slipped out of the room and into the hall. Carefully, I made sure to quietly shut the door after myself, the noise of my own blood moving quick through my body the only sound to my ears.

I was already so wet.

I was always so wet for this.

Slowly, I slunk down the hallway, making sure not to make a sound in my cotton pajamas. My skin was on fire, my cunt aching with want, and it was everything I could do not to sink my hand between my legs as I headed for the other side of the dorms.

I knocked softly on the right door and heard a sleepy grunt, some rustling sounds, and I bit back a gasp as Sarah’s face appeared. She rubbed her hand over her newly shorn head, the spikes of her hair a beautiful wreck that I wanted to run my fingers through while Sarah nipped at my breasts and down my stomach.

“Well, well,” Sarah said, stretching. “Whatever could you be wanting at…” She checked a watch. “…God, three in the morning.” She turned a drowsy smirk on me, the heat in her gaze more than obvious. My pussy clenched hard between my thighs, just like a good co-ed lesbian’s pussy should.

“I… missed you,” I managed to get out, my voice barely more than breath.

“You missed getting fucked by me, you mean.”

My pulse beat hard in my throat as I nodded and she let me in the room, locking the door behind me.

“Hike up your nightie,” Sarah ordered. “Pull your panties down. I want to be able to smell you.”

I hurried to comply, the rush of relief at Sarah’s willingness to get me off almost as great as the desire itself.

“How does it feel?” Sarah asked as I shimmied my panties down my legs. “To want your boyfriend’s little sister?”

“Shut up,” I breathed, lying back on the small twin bed and opening my thighs, a shaking hand descending between. “Besides, you guys are twins. You’re not all that little.”

“You’re so fucking filthy, aren’t you? Do you want me to fuck you with my strap-on? …spread your thighs wide and thrust it into your hot cunt until you come?”

“Oh God… yes…”

“Then show me.”

To Be Continued…


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