A church was no place to keep secrets. He above knew what I had done. What I had let happen. It was time for my punishment. Knowing the preacher was just on the other side of the partition I blushed. 

“I drank too much and had gone outside for some fresh air. That’s when he showed up at the balcony beside me. I’d seen him at a couple other work parties but I had never noticed him really before. He had tried to hit on me and I told him I was married. He seemed to respect it. Then he said maybe I needed a big bad wolf in my life.

I was stupid and joked back ‘no thanks, I don’t want to be bit by some dog’. Turning away from him to show I was done with our conversation. That’s when it happened. Oh father I can’t get it out of my mind. I felt him come up behind me and press himself against me. I should have moved away. His arms going around to either side of me, his hands on the railing trapping me. 

He said maybe I’d enjoy it. At that I laughed at him and told him not likely. 

That’s when he did it. He bit me father.” What a thing to say to a priest. 

As I said this sitting in the confessional in church in the uncomfortable seat like a pew I couldn’t believe it but I was wet. Barely thinking it kept leaving me this way. 

“ I did not want this I was not looking for it. Please I don’t want to be a wanton woman.”

He asked if anything further had happened. 

“No, when I said not likely he leaned down and bit down on my shoulder. He bit down so hard it left a mark I’ve had to cover.”

At this the father said it sounded like I was assaulted so it is not my sin to carry. 

I wish that was true. It was the thoughts I’ve had ever since that was my sin. In the end he told me that I had a penance of so many hail Marys and our fathers for having not told my husband. As I left the confessional I looked around the church. The same guy was still there and I wondered what he had done to have this length of prayer. The pews were mostly empty as I kneeled in one by myself. I closed my eyes and started reciting the Hail Mary I couldn’t help but add 20 more to my penance kneeling in front of the pew in this church then the priest gave me.

Knowing this would be a daily penance also. I couldn’t help it. Craving that feeling again. I didn’t want to be a wanton woman but just the thought of teeth on me again made me shiver.  What a confession. 

Needing to figure out how to get my husband to maybe consider it. Just missionary wasn’t cutting it anymore. I needed more. Needed the feel of his teeth in my skin. I prayed there at that moment for absolution but I knew that it wasn’t enough to keep this desire from running over me.

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