True Naughty Babysitting Story

Not all babysitters are the same.  Some babysitters do a great job with kids.  In a true naughty babysitting story, babysitters do the best job with daddies.  Chrissy likes real daddies.

Everyone Was Doing It

Like most girls, I started babysitting in high school.  Almost all the girls I knew were doing it.  I was pretty lazy and I wasn’t really excited about hanging out with kids but when my friend asked if I babysat, I said yes.  I didn’t know it would be the start of my true naughty babysitting story.  But, I figured there was a first time for everything.  A little bit of extra money would be great.  Davey had twin brothers, who were about to be out school for the summer, and a single, working dad.   I said it was ok to give his dad my number, but I didn’t expect to hear back.  Maybe this wouldn’t be the start of my real babysitting tale.

He Called and I Came

Davey’s dad’s name was David Senior.   He sounded tired and mean on the phone but he also sounded like he was desperate for a babysitter to help him.   David suggested I come to the house and check out their routine to see if it was something that I would be willing to do for a week or two.  I agreed and told him I would be over right after dinner.  So, I drove over and when David answered the door I know we both lingered in the first hello a little longer than normal.  He took my hand and brought me into the living room to meet the twins. The boys were both wearing pajamas and rubbing their eyes.  They waved goodnight and followed their big brother Davey down the hall to their room.  Daddy David was still holding my hand.

David Was a Hot Daddy

Senior was ruggedly handsome.  He was tall with brown hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders, and fairly fit.  You could tell he worked out but ate well, with not too much of a mushy dad bod.  His face was worn and his eyes were tired.   He pulled a dining room chair out for me and plopped a notebook on the table.  I was thinking maybe I didn’t want to commit if I had to follow a babysitter rule book.  When David pushed his chair close to me, I blushed.  Then I was thinking that I hoped he would put his hand on my leg.  This was going to happen, this was the beginning of my true naughty babysitting story.

Taking the Tour

David senior spent about half an hour going through the notebook.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Mostly emergency numbers, and the boy’s daily schedule for eating, playing, and tv time.  He then showed me around the house.  The maid hadn’t been there that week.  I told him my babysitting did not involve cleaning.  He was frustrated with the state of things and his face was strained as he went through the motions of giving me the house tour.

Getting Closer

Through every doorway, I noticed he kept rubbing up against me.  I didn’t mind that at all.  By the time we got to the last room, my nipples were hard, and I was feeling anxious.  The last room was his.  He took my hand and guided me in.  David told me to consider his bedroom mine to use as I wanted while I was here.  He expected I would get dirty chasing his boys.   My panties were getting juicy being so close to him.  He was still holding my hand.  I knew I was going to be very good at naughty babysitting.

David’s Kiss

David asked if I would like to come over Friday after school to babysit.  It was a trial to see how I would do.  He would not be able to meet the boys at their bus stop.  I said yes.  He bent down, pulling me close to him and kissed me softly on the lips.  His smile gave me hope that this would all be really amazing and a naughty babysitting adventure.  Surely not all babysitting jobs involved a kiss.

I showed up on Friday after school and met the twins at their bus.  The twins were ready for a snack and wanted to play outside.  I brought some pretzels and apple wedges outside and sat at the table watching the boys run around the yard and their playset.  Theirs was a fenced-in yard, so I excused myself to go into the potty.  I snuck upstairs to David’s room and stopped in my tracks.  On the bed were a nightie and a note made out to me saying just in case I was dirty.

Naughty Babysitter

Just in case I was dirty from what?  Was he trying to say something?  Was this a joke?  Should I shower and be ready and waiting on the bed with this nightie on?  I was confused and excited at the same time.  Naughty babysitting was way more fun than I thought it was going to be.


Can’t wait for next week to find out what happened?  Hear me tell all the dirty details of my true naughty babysitter story when you purchase my audio blog.  Would you like to read more of my true erotic stories?  I love to tease a cock with smoke, and you can read about my smoking fetish here.  Come back Friday for Part 2.



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