keptTrue Naughty Babysitting Story

Not all babysitters are the same.  Some babysitters do a great job with kids.  In a true naughty babysitting story, babysitters do the best job with daddies.  Chrissy likes real daddies.

Babysitting David

The boys were bathed and in their PJ’s when David got home.  They gave him a hug and he brought them straight to their room for bedtime.  I was finishing up the dishes when I felt his arms wrap around me and his breath whispered in my ear.  Had I seen the negligee?  Did I want to try it on?  I turned around and smiled, and I pressed myself into him.  He leaned down to kiss me and I kissed him back.  Holy shit!  I could feel that cock getting hard against me in his pants.

The Excitement Grows

He pulled me closer, kissing me deeper.  His cock was swollen, and I reached down to feel the outline of it in his pants.  He whispered how he wanted me the moment he saw me.  I didn’t say it, but I wanted him NOW.  He slowly pulled my t-shirt up over my head and squeezed my boobs in my bra.  I pulled off his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.

His hands gently moved down between my legs and up my skirt.  His fingers wiggled their way into my panties and up and down my now dripping wet pussy lips.  I slid my hand down his pants and firmly grasped that cock.  It was throbbing, big, and rock hard.

On My Knees

I instinctively dropped to my knees, in front of me was a gorgeous thick 7 1/2 inch dick with the most perfect torpedo head I’ve ever seen. He coaxed opened my lips open with his thumb, and as I stuck my tongue out I felt him just gently drop the head of his cock on my tongue.  I could feel my mouth water as he started to push it in I slowly wrapping my lips around that tick looking into his eyes as he held my head in both of his hands and pushed it all the way in my mouth.

Feeling that stretch in the back of my throat that I loved so much made me instinctively start to swallow he moaned pull that dick away god I really wanted him to deep throat me.  I kept teasing and jacking his cock, playing with my spit as  I dragged my tongue all the way up from those balls to the tip then swirling it back down and around again.

I felt his fingers unclasp my bra, and his hands slide underneath my breasts – his thumbs slowly rubbing my stiff nipples.

The Big Push

He pulled my face off his cock, grabbed my ass, and lifted me onto the counter.  I pushed his jeans to the floor with my feet and spread my legs, inviting him to fill my pussy with that rock hard dick.  I was naked, with my legs sprawled wide open on the kitchen counter and when he popped the head of that cock in my juicy hole I FELT it!!  It was a bit of a shock.  That first push of pain melted into pleasure as I started to buck up against him to encourage him to push deeper into me.

I Spent the Night

He wrapped his big hands around my round ass cheeks, picked me up, and carried me upstairs to his bed.  He laid me down with him on top of me.  Because my legs were still wrapped around him tightly he started to push harder and deeper into me.  Was I going to cum already?  I grabbed for the sheets but instead dug my nails into his back.  We were kissing as I felt my pussy cream and throb around his still pulsing dick.  He couldn’t stop.  He came inside me.  It was the hardest I had ever orgasmed to that date and I wanted more.  We spent the night fucking.

I didn’t take the babysitting job, but I did continue meeting with David for a few months, and he kept fucking my brains out every chance we got that summer…


Did you like my true naughty babysitting story?  Purchase the audio version.  If you like reading what a naughty slut I can be, you should check out my Hump Day Quickie story.  Call me and ask if I’m available to babysit for you, Daddies are my favorite!

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