Chrissy Meets the Longshoreman – Part2

Chrissy meets a longshoreman for some spontaneous, kinky and sexy fun at the Port of Providence.  It’s true what they say about a working man’s stamina.


Sucking off the Longshoreman

I was on my knees, teasing and tickling his dick with my tongue.  His rough hands swirled and squeezed my tits.  Just as I was wrapping my lips around the head of his prick, I could feel his fingers move to my nipples and pinch them gently.  That pinch sent an instant shock to my already drenched pussy.  Causing me to wiggle my body a little and swirl my tongue to meet his throbbing stiff longshoreman cock as he pushed it in my mouth slowly and deliberately.

The mushroom head of his dick was pushing down my throat and I instinctively swallowed.  When I looked up to see him looking down, his mouth pursed as he was moaning, and then a smile slid across his mouth.  He told me to suck it.  I was happy to oblige.

It Would Be More Than Just a Blow Job

My hand cupped his sac and it tightened a little against the tips of my fingers.  I was feeling the longshoreman start to move his hips faster, pumping my mouth with a little for force.  Just as I thought he was going to come, he suddenly pulled back, yanking his dick out of my mouth.  He pinched the head of his dick and helped me up.  He pulled my bra down further.  As he was suckling my nipples, he was inching his hands up my skirt and pulling down my panties.

I hadn’t planned on anything but a blow job, but I could feel my pussy dripping on his fingers.  With ninja-like precision and stealth, he had me bent over and positioned my hands to grip the metal scaffolding.  He then pulled my hips back and gently kicked my legs open.  I reached for his dick between my legs.  I swear it grew even bigger and harder from when I had it in my mouth, and just as I pushed my dripping pussy to meet the longshoreman’s thick mushroom head – he pushed.  Bob pushed slowly and steadily until he was balls deep inside me.

Warehouse Whore

My whole body shivered and I instinctively started to push back on him.  Those strong, rough hands of his felt good on my skin, and as he was grabbing and slapping my ass.  Who would have thought that within 20 minutes of meeting the longshoreman, he would have me moaning like a whore?  Bob was pumping and thrusting harder and deeper, as the head of his cock was massaging my g-spot.  He lifted my leg to get deeper, and suddenly like a dam bursting, I squealed, creamed, and came HARD on his cock.  I could feel my pussy milking him and he was still spurting as he was pulling his cock out of me.  He lay that pulsing, squirting dick on my ass crack and squeezed my butt cheeks around his dick as he was slowly rocking the rest of his cum onto my butt.  During that, his cum was dripping down my inner thigh, and then down my crack to my asshole.

His breathing was still labored as he wiped himself off my ass with his T-shirt, and told me he would show me the bathroom to clean up.  While escorting me and my furniture to my truck, he told me that was the best thank you he had ever had.  He loaded my uncle’s bureau into my truck, and I drove away with a smile and a pussy full of his cum.  This would not be the first time I would meet with the longshoreman.


I hope you liked this true story.  I have many more to tell.  If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.  Interested in purchasing the audio of this story?  You can find it here.  Check out more scintillating stories from Chrissy and the other Goddesses here.



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