He practically dives into the closet and pulls out a collar with a chain on it. “that’s it?” I tease. He looks at the collar and back at me. “today? That’s all we’re going to need.” The rattling of the chains stirs my son a bit. I watch him roll over and decide to get up. I reached into the crib and snuggly tucked the blanket around him, trying not to wake him. Suddenly without warning a collar snaps on around my neck and its chain is pulled tightly. Alex presses his body on top of mine making me lean against the crib tilting it slightly. “your..going..to wake..” I gasped for air as the collar was tight on my throat.



“Now suck my dick like a good slut that you are,” he commands and shoves his cock into my mouth and deep down my throat. The collar made it painfully hard to suck his dick, but I loved the challenge and pain it brought. Still, though, I gagged and that caused me to receive a slap to my face. “come on do better bitch!” and he Drives himself back in my mouth balls deep. He starts thrusting in and out while I swirl my tongue around his cock focusing on not coughing. He leans over me and like a jackrabbit, starts going faster and faster.


There were too many overwhelming sensations happening. I felt my body start to tense up like a spring wound too tight. Having no air, A dick being shoved down my throat over and over again while my neighbor steals my son’s milk. It all felt so pleasurable. Then my body starts showing signs of oxygen deprivation. My throat became numb and my lungs burned in agony. However, the more pain I was in, the more pleasure I felt.  I was cheating and I loved it.


Suddenly, I hear keys jangling in the front door and I instantly know what’s happening. My husband is coming home! Oh god, no! Panic is etched clearly on my face, but Alex makes no notion of stopping. I push my hands on his thighs and mentally beg him to stop. Instead, he keeps going. I can’t help but enjoy this new sensation of panic. The thrill of potentially being caught was enough to push me over the edge. “Chrissy! I’m home!” I hear on the other side of the house, but I remained still Locked up in this euphoric ecstasy. Catch me with another man, I mentally begged. I dare you. See the look of pleasure on my face, A look you’ve never quite seen before.


The threat of slipping into unconsciousness made itself present when I started to see black dots in my vision. Quickly Alex popped the collar from around my neck and pulled out his cock. When I went to breathe I started coughing heavily. Alex pulled on his pants and ran to the bathroom. I stumbled out of bed still lightheaded. “Chrissy? Honey?” I hear my name again. Without warning my husband stands in the doorway and I can only imagine what he sees.   “what the hell is going on here?!” he yells, His face turning so red. I smile sweetly, “welcome home Dear.”  I didn’t know what else to say.

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