Chrissy Got Caught Cheating

I got caught cheating.  And I never thought I would cheat.  It was a weekday like any other.  My neighbor had stopped over unexpectedly.  He had been coming over more and more lately.  I wasn’t complaining, but I knew that one day there would be a reckoning.  To be honest, in my wildest dreams, I didn’t think I would get found out the way I did.


The Beginning

It started innocently enough.  Smiles at the backyard barbeques, our legs touching while seated next to each other when double dating for dinner.  When his daughter brought her dog home from college and left it, he started walking with me.  I wasn’t cheating.  He would come over on game days and hang out with hubby.  It really was just a matter of time.  The day he came over to rescue me and fix a burst pipe under the kitchen sink was the beginning.

That first time with him was amazing.  I loved the way he took control.  He would dominate me more and more with each visit.  Each encounter was a lesson in trust and obedience.  I craved his attention and direction.  Alex encouraged me to embrace being the greedy, cheating slut that I am.  I found that I was always begging him for more.

 The Day it Happened

 On the day I got caught cheating, he pushed me through the bedroom door and past my baby’s crib. “what? in here? He’s sleeping.” I mumbled in between kissing my next-door neighbor Alex. “he’ll be fine. Trust me. Maybe he’ll take a few notes as I bang his mother.” He threw me on the bed and got on top of me growling like an animal. Just for a quick second, I glanced at the clock on the nightstand table. “my husband will be home soon. We can’t do this right now,” but he grinned slyly and kissed me passionately.  Damn it. I’m so fucking horny. My body was aching for him to please me. I had to cheat for him to do what my husband fails to do. For me to have nagged my husband to have sex with me, his fucking WIFE, simply so I could have a child to call my own; Just pisses me off.

I Needed More

 With my anger now fueling my new passion, I allow myself to slip into temptation. “go get it,” I begged him. He chuckles deeply and whispers, “ the usual?” And he bites down on my shoulder sending a new wave of pleasure to run through me. “please…” I beg. “in the closet.” he slowly gets off of me and eyes me. “don’t go anywhere.” he teases. I smile back, “well then. You might want to hurry so I don’t get away.”


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