Chloe Taken By Surprise by The Hunter! – Part Two

The Hunter’s warm hands felt cool on her burning hot bottom as he stroked her, soothing the heat. As her Master’s fingers slipped between her lower lips she let out a long low sigh and whimpers for more.

The Hunter

The Hunter stood back and admiring his decorations, gently stroking her bottom he can feel its heat radiating into his palm. Smiling to himself he notices the wet shine on her thighs. His little slut was loving this.

With his finger tracing her pussy lips he leans in and says, “Gotcha.”

Unzipping his pants he releases his hard cock and steps up behind her, letting it rest between her slick thighs.


The Hunter whispers to her with lips so close to her ear she could feel his breath. As he steps in close behind her and she feels his hardness slide between her legs.

“Where would like me to put it my slut?” He whispers in her ear, his breath caressing her cheek.

“Wherever you choose Master,” she whimpers.

“Right answer,” her Master replied before splitting her lower lips with his hard cock, opening her kitty wide. Then he’s slowly sinking into her. She was so slick with moisture it felt wonderful. His body pressed against her striped and tender bottom enhances her pleasure.

After long filling strokes, pressed hard against the tree her Master slips from her pussy and nudges her tighter hole. She takes a deep calming breath as he begins to push into her. Breathing deeply she grits through the sting and burn as she stretches to take him all. Once fully seated she had a moment to get used to being so full before he starts fucking her tight hole. Slowly at first, then so hard each thrust took her breath. With her nipples rubbing roughly against the tree it feels like forever and like no time at all at the same time.

The Hunter

He closes his eyes in pleasure as he slid his cock into her. His Prey was divine, slick, and wanton. He could feel her pressing back as much as she could to take more of him.

After his taste of her delightful pussy he pushes up into her anus. Stretching it wide and fucking her hard until he fills her full of his cum. Then he rests briefly against her still feeling the heat of her bottom. He reaches into his shirt pocket and finds the small plug he put there before slipping out of her arse. Quickly he forces the plug in place to keep his cum deep inside her.

“Don’t let it fall my slut, squeeze it tight” he whispers to her.

Leaving the blindfold in place he unties her waist and wrists and guides her a step back from the tree. Then he reties the Prey’s hands in front of her leaving a lead for him to hold. Having pulled up his trousers he ties the rope to a belt loop before reaching for a second cord of rope to wrap around each breast. He wraps the rope three times around each breast then secures the end to her tied hands.

He picks up his backpack and ensures he has everything. Due to the risk of tripping, and since she was secure, he slips off the blindfold and pops it in his pocket. Then he begins leading her on the long walk back to their campsite for some more fun. The Hunter’s prize for catching his prey.

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