Chloe Taken By Surprise by The Hunter! – Part One

As quietly as he could The Hunter stalks around the huge trunk of the tree and there she was, curled up asleep. Perfect. Silently he took his backpack from his shoulders and removed the items he had hoped he would need — a coil of rope, a thick blindfold, a tube of lube (not that he thought it would be needed, hot little slut that she was), and his favorite cane.

Quickly, so as to not give her a chance to fight, he slipped the blindfold over her eyes. Grabbing her wrists he dragged her to her feet. Pushing her he pressed her against a nearby tree, significantly smaller and easier to tie a rope around than the one she slept under. Arms around the tree he secured her wrists together. Her breasts pressed hard against the rough bark. Using more rope, he wrapped it around her waist and the tree forcing her to lean against it harder, standing her up. He kicked her legs apart further and stood in close behind.

“Keep them apart or I will tie them, my wee slut.” He said, and she whimpers.

Using the small blade, he always kept on him The Hunter sliced and tore her shirt off and tucked it into his backpack. Her smooth back exposed to his view, he liked it. He began spanking her, first with his hand to warm her up, making her bottom blush red with heat. Enjoying her soft moans and occasional cry, he picks up his cane. Her scream had him hardening to stone as he carefully decorated her bottom with long angry red lines.


She startled awake with a cry; she could not see. Feeling a loop of rope circle one wrist and then the other, she was afraid and excited all at once. They were quickly tied together and her cheek pressed roughly against the trunk. Whimpering she could already feel the moisture forming in her pussy. Using his foot The Hunter spread her legs wide. With nipples impossibly hard, the thin shirt was no real barrier to protect them from the bark.

The Prey lets out a deep sigh after he speaks to her, reassuring it was her master playing the game with her. She relaxed into the tree but still whimpers for him. The cool touch of metal causes her to shiver as it slides down her back, her shirt sliding apart to expose the skin of her back and bottom to the warm afternoon air. To The Hunter, her Master.

His large slightly calloused hand stroked her backstopping to cup her ample bottom. Then it was gone, she held her breath know what was coming next, the sting and slap of her Hunter’s hand impacting on her soft skin. Her breath was expelled in a sudden gush. Her kitty began to fill with her wetness. The Hunter settled into a rhythm, she relaxed into it and slowly sunk into her mind. She whispered not caring if she was heard.

“Thank you, Master.”

The spanking stopped she listened intently hearing a slight swish. Another swish before a line of fire burned across her bottom. She cried out loudly before dragging in a big breath of air, hissing through her teeth as her brain and body processed the sensation. Less than five seconds passed before another swish and another, more lines of fire. He never struck the same place twice. She co;)unted silently in her head in case she was asked how many were delivered.

Six long, hard, smacks.

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