Chloe Plays With the Master – Part One

The uncarpeted floor was hard beneath her bare knees as she sat in front of her Master. A blindfold covered her eyes and was making her sweat. Just a drop, tickling its way down the side of her nose. Waiting, making no move to brush it away. Her Master stood watching her, in her expectant stillness. Even without seeing it, she knew the look on his face. Lips pressed together, eyes slightly narrowed in concentration.

She tried to control the urge to turn her head as she felt him circle her. Every part of her responded to his eyes. She could feel the waves of color as they washed across her cheeks and shoulders. Her nipples pulled at her breasts. Trying to keep her control she pressed her thighs tightly together, holding back the moisture that would otherwise be running to the floor.

She shivered slightly from the air conditioning, even as another bead of sweat made its way down her cheek.

Finally, he moved in front of her, sitting in a chair he had placed there earlier. She hears it creak and her whole body trembled as he grazed his knuckles lightly across her blush-red cheek. At last, she felt his smile. Moving his hand from her cheek to the back of her head to tangle itself in her long fire-red hair, he tugged at it causing her head to tilt back.

As her body arched, her white throat was exposed and her breasts thrust forward. Her Master touched a finger to her lips and she opened them to him like the good little submissive she is. The tip of her tongue brushed his finger, then she felt as he glided back and forth along her bottom lip before he took it away. Keenly she felt the loss of his finger. His hand still firmly wrapped in her hair made the rest of her body want to be touched.

As though in response to her thought, he tugged sharply at her hair, reminding her the control was worth it to have him dominate her. Her lips parted in a gasp and he brought his mouth down onto hers.

Tongue invaded her mouth she gladly surrendered, she wanted to be his submissive.

He skimmed his tongue over her teeth and under her tongue, probed the insides of her cheeks. Clenching her hands into fists at her sides she tried to keep her control. Her pussy was flooded with a new wave of moisture. Still, she made no other move while she allowed him to dominate her. He teased the tip of her tongue with his own, coaxing it until she hesitantly circled his tongue with hers. Pulling back abruptly, he released her hair. Putting a hand out to catch herself as she lost her balance. Quickly straightening herself back up she doesn’t let him see she’s embarrassed to have been so affected by the loss of his kiss.

Also seeming unaffected, he shifted in his chair, moving his legs apart. With a hand barely touching her shoulder, he controlled her enough to have her shuffling forward on her knees till she was between his thighs. Then he removed his hand and waited. Hands still at her sides, she bent forward and rested her forehead against his fly.

Turning her head, she rubbed her flushed cheek along the length of his cock, clearly felt through his Dockers.

She parted her lips and tilted her head, placing her mouth against his shaft and moved her mouth up towards his zipper. The fabric felt soft against her cheek but was raspy to her tongue as she searched for his zipper. Finding it, she lifted the tab with her tongue before grasping it between her teeth. Slowly, she pulled it down, dropping it once, and having to find it again. As she unzipped, she could feel the heat of him on her upper lip and her nose.

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