Chloe Plays With the Master – Part Two

When the zipper of Master’s pants was down, she returned for the button, grabbing the cloth near the buttonhole with her teeth and jerking her head till it came undone. Using her nose, she pushed the cloth to either side, then hesitated nervously before reaching out with her tongue again. She touched it to his cock through the thin layer of his jockey shorts, licking her way to the head in one long motion.

There she discovered a small spot of wetness, a gratifying sign that she was doing well enough. She lapped at it, tasting him, before sucking the head of his cock into her mouth as far as possible with his shorts still on. She sucked gently; held him lightly between her teeth as her tongue worried against his slit. The cloth was drying her mouth out before he put a hand on either side of her head and lifted it from his lap. She allowed herself to be moved, reluctantly, away from his cock.

Once again kneeling upright, licking her dry lips, she heard a rustle and a creak. When he put a light hand on her shoulder to pull her to him again, his pants were gone. She rested her cheek against the strength of his inner thigh, his hair tickling her nose as she inhaled deeply, loving his scent.

Before Master could become impatient, she lifted her head and kissed his thigh, then kissed it again, and again, working her way towards his center.

Once there, she nuzzled her nose against his balls, already high and tight. Licking them all over, examining the pattern of his wrinkles with her tongue. Lapping underneath them, at the small patch of smooth skin that connected them to the crack of his ass. Kissed it once, then ran her tongue up the seam of his scrotum and up the full length of his cock. Worshipping his cock like a good submissive, she circled the head with her tongue, nipping at the fleshy outer rim.

Unable to wait any longer, she parted her lips and brought them down around the tip of his hard cock. Sucking ever so lightly, she worried his slit with her tongue, tasting his precum as she gloried in being able to bring it forth. Lowering her mouth onto him, she swirled her tongue along the underside of his shaft until he was in her mouth as far as she could take him. She started to bring her hand up, to help her take him more deeply, but a sharp negative sound from him made her drop it again. Pushing herself harder, she managed to take a little more of him.

She began sucking her way back to the head; sucking and releasing, moving up a little each time, gliding her teeth along the sensitive skin on the top of his shaft. Reaching the head, she lifted her face for a moment to lick her lips, and his hand was back in her hair, keeping her upright. She froze, waiting. He stood, and pushed the chair back, then moved behind her. He got to his knees behind her, spreading her legs with his own and pushing her head to the floor.

She was on her knees, legs spread, face on the floor before him when he entered her.

Thighs slick with her own wetness, cool in the air-conditioned office. Her cheek rested on the hard floor, nipples brushing it as her breasts dangled. Sliding his cock into her in one easy motion, all the way. Master filled her so suddenly she gasped. When he stopped again she froze, waiting. He smoothed a hand along her back, causing goosebumps in his wake. Then brought his palm down hard on her ass, *SMACK* making her jerk. Show a little more of his dominant side. Gasping, she once again imagined him smiling that incredible smile.

Relaxing as she imagined it, and that’s when he slammed his cock into her soaked pussy. Once, twice, three times, forcing little spasms. Causing her muscles to clamp down on his hardness as he came inside of her. He held her still with complete control until his cock had completely stopped twitching. Then he pulled out and reaching underneath her, rubbed his index finger across her clit. When it made her shuddered he did it again, this time bringing a moan from her. Pleading with him, in her mind, ‘Do it just once more, just ONCE.’

With the palm of his hand against her dripping cunt, she felt his finger hovering over her clit, teasingly.

When she ground her pussy against his hand he removed it. Nipples so hard they hurt and a pussy left twitching and full of his cum. A sob of frustration passed her lips, she needed her own orgasm.

“Yes?” He spoke.

“Please?” She forced out.

No response from him, nor did he touch her.

“Please touch me.” She swallowed hard. “Please let me cum.”

Replacing his hand against her cunt she opened her eyes under the blindfold, waiting. That was all. She groaned and tried again.

“Please let me cum now? Please?!?! I need to cum!!! I want you to touch me please, please touch my clit??? Please…” she swallowed hard again as she begged and pleaded. Finally, she forced it out, “Please, Master?”

Immediately rewarded with the tip of his finger, he rubbed hard across the tip of her clit. At last, she came, moaning. Completely focused on his finger touching her. He kept his hand against her sopping wet pussy till it stopped twitching, then removed it and stood. She heard a rustle as he put his pants on, and the open and close of the door as he left.

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