Chloe Loves Balloons- part 2

“Fuck me,” I whispered into his ear.

He smiled and placed a balloon between our chests. I could feel it strain, ready to pop as he put even a slight amount of pressure on it. He moaned and teased me, placing the head of his penis at the entrance to my dripping wet hole.

I tried to grip his hips and pull him into me but he resisted, concentrating on the balloon between up, letting it strain and stretch. feeling how tense it was, ready to pop against our skin but he didn’t let it. I begged him to fuck me but he just grinned before pressed his body down and letting the balloon pop.

When it popped, he thrust his cock deep inside me in one quick movement.

“Oh god!” My body screamed, feeling him fill me completely. I reached over and grabbed another balloon to place between us and nestled it between my breasts and let it rock back and forth under us as he thrust his cock in and out of my cunt. With each thrust, I got closer and closer to climaxing. The balloons that surrounded us bounced and flew around us like an ocean of shiny latex.

As all of my muscles began to spasm and my juices coated his dick as he fucked me, the balloon between us popped. My Body was in pure ecstasy and he kept going. I bucked my hips and rode him harder, watching his face turn red as he tried to hold back.

I knew he was closer to cumming.

Reached down to grab a balloon from the floor that I hadn’t blown up and placed it between my lips, blowing air into it as hard as I could The balloon quickly inflated as I blew into it until the latex was stretched as far as it could. Watching him play with it, using his hand to smack it as I held it firmly between my lips. I blew into it one last time and it popped, creating a bang that echoed in our bedroom. As the balloon popped he pulled his cock from inside of me and shot another load of sticky cum all over my stomach.

As the last drop of his cum hit my stomach he rolled over into the sea of balloons surrounding us. I took a balloon and smeared it across the cum on my stomach and brought it to his lips. He tried to resist but I held the balloon to his face, smearing his seed across his cheeks and chin until he opened up.

“Lick it clean,” I said.

And he obeyed, using his tongue to wipe every remaining speck of cum from the bright colored latex. Once he was finished I used my teeth to pop the balloon and dropped the deflated pieces on his stomach before laying down beside him.

“You like the way you taste?” I asked after a moment.

He nodded, turning over on his side to look at me. I turned my head, looking at him through a clear yellow balloon.

“We have a lot of balloons left,” he said.

“I know.”

“They’re going to go flat if we don’t use them,” he added.

I ran my hand down his bare chest, nodding.

“I know,” I said, grabbing a balloon. “let’s go all night.”

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