Chloe Love’s balloons-part 1

I grabbed a red balloon, shiny and taught, ready to pop at any second, and brought it to his cock. I rubbed the balloon up and down the velvet skin of his dick, letting the latex squeak slightly as it slid against his skin. A drop of precum got on the balloon and I pulled it away for a moment, licking his sweet juices off, before placing the balloon against him again. He moaned and I pressed my nails into the balloon, allowing it to pop. I felt his body shudder as I dropped the limp pieces of latex to the floor and grabbed another shiny and supple blue balloon. I liked the way the latex slid up and down his cock as I rubbed him with it. He thrust his hips a few times, closing his eyes.

“You have to stop,” he begged, I’m going to cum already.

I smiled and grabbed another. He grunted in protest as I ran my tongue across the stretched pink surface of the balloon before placing it back against his straining cock. I could tell he was trying hard not to cum but there was no use. As I rubbed his cock, streams of hot white cum burst from his cock, coating the pink balloon. I jerked him off, milking the last drops from his tip and rubbing them onto my balloon before licking them off, swallowing every last drop. He moaned, watching me consume his juices hungrily.

When the last drop was licked clean, I popped the balloon, letting it fall to the floor with the other balloons I’d massacred.

Once he caught his breath, he bent down, forcing me to lay down on the floor and climbing on top of me. Balloons nearly swallowed me, brushing up against every part of my body as he leaned in and kissed my neck, his body pressed firmly against mine. He left a wet trail of saliva as he worked his way down my body, his lips touching my skin gently, pausing at my breasts to circle my nipples. I bit my lip as he nibbled gently at them, tugging slightly at them before resuming his journey south on my body. My body tingled and buzzed as his lips traced their way down my stomach.

When his lips reached my pussy, I let out a full-body shudder.

He traced my lips up and down with the tip of his tongue, stopping to brush my clit each time before heading back down to dart his tongue into my hole, tasting my sweet wetness between my legs.

I moaned as he lapped my pussy. Each time he grazed my clit, an electric shock coursed through my spine. I twisted and turned as he continued to eat me out, his tongue plunging deep inside me as I writhed around. I felt his teeth graze my throbbing clit and I let out a screech as I started cumming.

My juices flowing out of me.

When he pulled away, I could barely catch my breath. He worked his way back up my body and kissed me roughly on the mouth. I could feel his dick harden against my leg and I reached down to jerk him off. He moaned into my mouth as he continued to kiss me.


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