Chloe Has a Hot Passionate Night – Part Two

Sliding his tongue in my mouth and slowly pushing himself inside me till he’s all the way in. Then his hands tighten around my wrists, almost making them hurt but I feel the pleasure out of it. I actually want him to squeeze harder, to bruise and hurt me so badly as he starts to thrust in and out. Breaking the kiss I turn my head to breathe, panting heavily letting my loud moans escape my lips he started kissing my neck. Steven’s skin against my bare chest, his hands slid down my sides as he continues to thrust faster. He kisses my lips once and then groans against them.

“This!” I whisper. “This is my desire.” I groan and he never makes a sound like didn’t he hear me.

Steven continues moving so I raise my legs to give me easier access across his hips. Sitting up straight he places his hands on my thighs,  thrusting into me harder and faster.

“More. More.” I moan out rather loudly.

“Chloe!” He groans out.

I raise my arms and reached out for him, he obliges putting his hands on the bed continuing to pound into me. I close my arms around his neck pulling him tighter to me. My fingers clutching his hair.

“I can’t!” I breathe. “I-I think I…..” I couldn’t finish my sentence.

My words disappeared when he bit down on my shoulder giving me a thrill from it. I hear him pant between bites on my shoulder.

“Chloe I-I’m going…to.” He was straining with his words.

His body is fuming with heat, making my entire body felt so hot and I mentally beg him to burn me.

“Me too!” I say begging for the climax.

His hands grab my arms, and he put our lips together. Thrusting in hard quick pounding motions, I feel his muscles tighten against mine. Gritting his teeth from the pleasure until he thrusts one last time. My back arches quickly and I moan out loud in pure ecstasy. Clutching onto my arms he sighs happily, like from someone holding all the tension for hours and finally relaxing. Buried inside me and I feel him pulsing, filling me.

I feel his warmth both on the outside and inside of my body now. Dropping on my chest and breathing heavily he lays on me as I play with his hair. I soon discover that’s he’s fast asleep. Scooching my face to his ear I whisper.

“You make me the happiest woman in the world….I love you so much”.

After a while of laying here myself the exhaustion hits and I fade out, hoping I will dream of this night and experience it all over again. Finally, I had my Steven. I never felt happier in my life. I had someone who loves me and I love him.

As long as he continues to love me, Everything will be okay.

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