Chloe Has a Hot Passionate Night – Part 1

Steven and I fall on the bed. Hot and passionate our lips force themselves to connect, scared that one of us will wake up and prove it’s all just a dream. He starts growling with lust and ends up biting my lip, making it bleed accidentally. Backing off for a split second he then licks my lips tasting the metallic red and goes back to kissing me roughly. I didn’t mind though.

The rougher he is with me the stronger my passion for him becomes and the more desperately I want him

His hand finds the beginning of my pants, he never stops kissing me as he undoes them. Breaking from the hot kiss just long enough to pull our pants off, he looks at me with lustful eyes and groans like he’s in pain for stopping the kissing. Throwing himself back on me our lips crash back together and his hand slides up my shirt finding my breast. 

Ripping off my bra he throws it somewhere across the room and then moans as if doing that task was not enough. Passionate, he breaks the kiss long enough to use both hands and rip my shirt completely off, and tosses it off the bed. Lifting his shirt up he exposes his beautiful chest. Tattoo markings almost shimmer in the dim light.

Pulling the covers out from underneath me he throws them over us. Then he pulls down my panties and his briefs and climbs back on top of me. Passionate and desperate for our skin to touch he puts most of his body weight on me and goes back to kissing me. Biting my lip, he’s purposely making it bleed now. Hot masculine body fuming with heat warming my already hot body up. 

Sliding down to kiss my neck, my chest and then he places his mouth on one of my breasts sucking on it.

Sending sparks down my spine, causing my body to shiver. My breath becomes ragged. More. More. I had to have more. He grabs the other breast and squeezes it tightly making me moan out while he continues to suck. Going lower he kisses my stomach, then places his tongue on my soft spot. My hand flings to my mouth to keep me quiet and I gasp loudly as he sticks his tongue inside me.  Clenching my fists together I feel a fire ignite throughout my body. It doesn’t take long till my body wants more. wants him inside me. 

“Steven,” I moan out. He stops and comes up to kiss my lips. “I want you!” I say desperately.

Grabbing my wrists he pins me down. Passionate excitement bursts within me. 

“Whatever you want.” He says leaning into my ear, almost growling. Making me ache with excitement he lines himself up with me and looks to me for assurance. I nod eagerly and he forces our lips together roughly.

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