Cheating wife surprises husband with cuckolding, part 1.

I called you to let you know I wanted to get frisky with you. You didn’t hesitate and hurriedly got into your car to drive home. Hell, it has been so long since I have even let you touch me, much less want you! Little do you know that I have a surprise cuckold event for you tonight.  I am going to let you know that I have been the cheating wife!

You get to the house and I greet you at the door wearing a black lacy bra and panties to match. A black lacy garter belt, black sheer stockings and a pair of 6″ high heel black stilettos. Something I know will drive you crazy and get you so hard. and ready to be my wittol.  You pull me close and give me a hug and a kiss., You tell me how hot I look in my lingerie and that you can’t wait for us to have some fun.

I can’t wait to have my fun with you tonight!

Preparing to tell you about my unfaithfulness, I take your hand and guide you to the bedroom and tell you to take all of your clothes off. You do as you are told, I tell you to lay on the bed on your back because I am going to sit on your face! Oh wow! You say. You haven’t wanted anything to do with me for so long I can’t believe this is happening, I am so excited! Now, you are going to get to taste what you have been craving for so long! I start riding your face rubbing my juices all over you.

Not being able to control myself, I can’t wait to tell you my little secret.

I have a secret to tell you though. What is it sweetie? you ask. “Well I have a confession to make I just got fucked right before you came home!” “So you have been unfaithful on me?” “Yes I have been unfaithful to you!” “Does that mean I am licking another guy’s cum juices from your pussy?” “Yes, you are.” I watch as your cock gets harder. “Does that turn you on sweetie?” I say.

Why are you cheating on me and telling me about it?, you ask.  You know I have not been very satisfied with our relationship. I am not happy with you and your little bitty weeny so I could not stand it anymore and found me a big cock man to cuckold you with. Now you get to reap the rewards and lick that cream pie out of my pussy! What’s better is now I can give you cream pies all of the time!

You are such a pathetic little loser because your little dicklette does nothing for me or any other woman for that matter!  You have such a pathetic little dick.  Wait, I shouldn’t call it a dick, it hasn’t earned the title.  Try little clitty instead.  It looks like a little clitty that you rub on.  NO, don’t rub on it I didn’t give you permission yet.  I have a surprise for you too!  Close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you to.

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