Cheating wife surprises husband with cuckolding, part 2

This is my cheating wife continuation.  This is where I left off in the last blog.  I had just told you that I have a surprise for you and to  close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you to do so.

Getting ready to give you, my wittol, my surprise excites me so much!

Putting on my surprise I crawl up between your legs. Working my way up to your mouth, all of a sudden you feel this hard, yet soft, thing pressing against your lips.  Open your mouth and take it in, you will love it I promise!  You open your mouth and in slips my big 8″ very thick, black strap on cock.  Suck it my little bitch! You’ve already become my wittol.  You are my little bitch now! Suck on that cock show me what you would do with a real cock in your mouth.  Ha Ha Ha Ha!! Look at that pathetic little clitty it is so hard with just you sucking on my strap on cock!  Are you a little cock sucker?  You are a good little cock sucker, aren’t you?

My big strap on arouses you so much, I can’t wait to use it on your little hole.

You know what else I am going to do with that strap on cock?  I’m going to lube up your little hole and then I am going to slide my strap on cock inside of you. So, spread your legs, now, I am going to slide in between them.  I am going to press my strap on cock against the puckered opening of your little hole.  Pushing my strap on cock inside of you, I see your little clitty getting hard just from that! I start thrusting in and out of you fucking your new little pussy hole with my strap on cock. If I didn’t know better, I would think you were major turned on by my cuckold of you.

It’s almost time to invite some of my girlfriends over to see how pathetic you really are.,

That’s right, little dick, cuckold  boys like you get used with a strap on cock by me!  I will turn you into a little fairy faggot!  You are my little bitch now and I will do with you what I please.  I think it is time I invite some of my friends over, especially the guy I am fucking right now, to look at how pathetic you really are. Yes, you heard me correctly, I am inviting the guy with whom I am being unfaithful to you, to hang out with my girlfriends.

My friends and the guy that I am being unfaithful to you with, come over to see you.  Boy, they are laughing and pointing at my little dick man!  No wonder she is fucking this bull over here, look at his HUGE cock compared to yours!  Yours looks like a little fingernail compared to his gigantic cock.  I bet he fills her up good too!  You want to taste that cock I am fucking don’t you fairy faggot?  You are curious about that massive cock, aren’t you?  Have you ever seen one so big before?  I know you haven’t and you are mesmerized by it!

You are so excited by the sight of that massive cock and you can’t wait to get your mouth around it.

Well, get over here on your knees and start sucking on that huge cock, show me your cock sucking skills cock sucker!  As you are sucking on that cock I bet you are wondering if that is how I felt when I cuckold you.  Oh yes, feels good in your mouth, huh?  You like it when he grabs the back of your head and starts thrusting and skull fucking you, don’t you?

I see your little clitty is leaking precum because you are so excited!  You need this big cock in your new little pussy.  Get on your hands and knees and pull open your cheeks and get ready to be fucked! He is going to fill you up so good and gape your little hole!  Oh what, you want to cum already?  Well maybe I will let you cum and maybe I won’t.  That just depends on my mood, hahaha!

In case you didn’t get a chance to read it, here is part 1 of this cheating wife story.  Call for your very own personal fantasy with me!




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