Cheating Wife – Your Neighborhood Cum-Eating MILF Pt. 2

He laid me flat on my back and spread my legs as far as they would go. Then he crawled in between my legs so his mouth was very close to my pussy. He leaned in suddenly and took his tongue and stuck it right in my pretty pink pucker! The sensation was incredible and I immediately got wet at the idea of being a cheating wife. Slowly, he slid his tongue in and out of my pussy and tickled the sides of my pink, juicy, lips.

He then slid his tongue over to my clit and tickled it from top to bottom. He put his second and third finger inside of me and was playing with my soaking wet lips. My nipples were getting extremely hard. He suddenly applied pressure with his fingers inside my pussy and I screamed with ecstasy and squirted all over! I came very hard,

Then he placed us in a 69 position and he already had pre-cum shooting from the tip of his cock for his cheating slutty woman. He then put his cock very close to my mouth and shoved it right in there! His cock tasted so damn good inside my mouth which made me cum even harder! I put my left hand on his balls and began massaging them with my fingers. Then had them flick across them.

As I tugged and pulled on them gently but firmly. I was squeezing his cock with my right hand as I stroked it harder and faster, then slower and slower and faster and faster! This MILF really knows what she’s doing.

Until his cum exploded in my mouth!

Oh my God, he tasted so delicious!! His cum dribbled slowly down my throat and it was a little bit of sweet, with a lot of sours and just the right amount of zing!!! He then took his cock out of my mouth and put it in my pussy and this MILF howled in delight as his huge, thick, rock hard cock made its way in and out my Me.

I kept having multiple orgasms! When his cock was inside of me, I held it tight with my pussy muscles and he couldn’t move it. Just before he was about to explode I leaned over and reached into my pillowcase and pulled out a cock ring. He couldn’t see it. So I let go of his cock and slid the ring so he couldn’t cum when he wanted to. He promised to give me his car for the night, so I took the ring off and he came like a water fountain.

I put my mouth directly over his cock and he shot his wad right down my throat and I swallowed every single bit of it like a slutty girl. And then with the cum leftover that I didn’t get to swallow, I pointed his cock at my big, beautiful titties and sprayed them all over. I then had my head lowered to where I could lick all the cum off of them with my tongue. Then Ricky put his hand on my head and lowered it so I was once again sucking his cock.

Then my front door opened and I looked at Ricky and I was frozen with fear…

If you need a refresher, go read part 1 of my cheating wife blog!



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