Cheating Wife – Your Neighborhood Cum-Eating MILF Pt. 1

Hi there!  My name is Riley and one of the things this MILF enjoys most out of life is watching hot, young, sexy men anywhere I can find them! And when it comes to watching my beautiful neighbor through my kitchen window while he does his chores is no exception! He is barely 21 years old, has golden blonde hair, and is blessed with the body of a Greek God! I enjoy watching him the most when he is clad only in jeans that bring all the attention to the huge bulge in his front pocket, and a white t-shirt, and is dripping wet with sweat.

I can stare and gawk at him through my kitchen window, while I am doing the dishes at the same time, and no one is the wiser but me! Some women tend to say that I behave like a slutty teenager when it comes to looking at younger men.  After all, I am a horny MILF.

One day I was in the kitchen. I just happened to be wearing a black, lacey see-through halter top, and a short white skirt, with black stockings that have the runner in the back of the leg.  I also chose to wear my black patent leather 6-inch stilettos shoes that are open-toed.  While I was doing the dishes, I noticed my young man was out raking leaves and he was very sweaty!  I loved the beads of sweat that fell to his face, then to his beautifully sculptured chest. Looking at him me want (decide) to be a cheating wife.

When I looked up from washing a plate, he was gone.

All of a sudden I heard my back door shut and got a little scared.  So I called out to my husband but no one answered. I thought maybe it was just my imagination and went back to my chores. Suddenly I felt this warm hot body and big cock press-up against my ass. Then arms were wrapped around my waist and I breathed in a sigh of relief. I said: “Michael you’re home!”  But no one answered again. I turned around and I saw my neighbor.  I tried to speak but he leaned into me and he turned my face to gave me a very long, deep, french kiss. It made me feel oh so slutty.

After that, he slowly led me upstairs to my master bedroom. He picked me up and put me on the bed. Then he seductively began to undress in front of me. When he got his shirt off, he began to unbutton his jeans and his briefs were showing his unbelievably huge cock!  Finally, the pants came off and he put two fingers to the sides of his briefs and slowly pulled them down and his cock stood masterfully at attention. Then he pulled them over his sculpted ass and extremely muscular legs. The briefs slowly fell to the floor. I thought I was going to die he was that beautiful!

He laid down next to me and put one leg in between mine, and one leg on top of me as he made his way to my pussy. He guided my right hand towards his thick cock and had me put all of my fingers around it. As he used his other hand to guide my hand in a stroking motion up and down and up and down… 

Stay tuned for part 2 of my enticing cheating wife story!

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