Cheating Sex Stories , my sweet boyfriend was in for a wet surprise from his very unfaithful girlfriend.

Last time we chatted, I was telling you all about fucking a total stranger one day while out shopping.  Well, that is what an unfaithful girlfriend, like me, does.  Here is the rest of the story.

When I left you in the story, the stranger and I were both ready to fuck.  As we kissed, and used our hand to explore each other’s bodies, I kept thinking, “This is SO bad,”. But that simply turned me on even more. Indeed, there is no use denying it, I am SUCH a naught unfaithful little slut. Then, He reached under my skirt and pulled down my soaking wet panties and slid his finger over my throbbing clit.

GOD, that felt good, but I wanted more than just his finger.

I craved some “much closer contact” and climbed into the passenger seat. Pulling up my skirt, this unfaithful girlfriend straddled his hips, letting my wet pussy slide over the big bulge in his pants. His hands were between us in an instant, undoing his pants and freeing that hard cock! At that moment, I did not even care about protection, I just needed his hot cock inside my hungry puss.  Once his cock was freed, he put his hands under my ass and lifted me over, placing my pussy right over his cock.

I slid down his hard cock, and he slid his hands under my shirt and rolled it up over my tits.

He leaned down and took this unfaithful girlfriends left nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking it…then with his right hand he pulled and rolled my other rock hard nipple. At that moment, I was so fucking hot I craved fucking him. His cock started to slide inside me, but as soon as the head was in, I pulled up…almost letting it slip out of me..but not quite. Then I eased back down and let it slide in a little more before pulling up again.

I was working his cock in and out a little bit more every time until I was bouncing up and down on his cock, taking him ALL the way inside me.

His tongue, fingers, and cock had me on FIRE. When he switched tits and started sucking my right nipple while playing with my left, I squeezed my pussy down hard on his cock….and we both exploded.   I felt his hot cum shoot up and coat my pussy walls. It was glorious. And I know at that moment I was going to write a cheating sex story about this encounter!  I let a total stranger fill up my tight pussy with a naughty cream pie. A cream pie that I would soon take home to my boyfriend.

When you life reads like Cheating Sex Stories, there is no sense in worrying about things like that.

I know he would do anything for me, and he loved to eat my pussy. So, that day, he got to clean up the cream-pie that a total stranger left in his cheating, slutty, and Unfaithful Girlfriend. I mean, what better way for him to “catch” me then to taste the evidence himself. So, that is the end of my tale. I hope you enjoyed hearing it as much as I enjoyed telling you about it.

In case you missed it, here is a link to part one of the day I was an unfaithful girlfriend.

Come back on Thursday for part II

But, if want to hear my story, check out my audio recording.  You will be able to hear one of my cheating sex stories, along with  all the slutty and dirty details, in my own voice.  Just scroll down to the bottom of my page and you will find the audio blog.

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And, If you like to read something different and like SPH stories,  then I am sure you will love this !

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