Cheating Sex Stories, one of so many my sweet boyfriend has to endure from his unfaithful girlfriend. 

I have always been a little slut, so it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that I write a lot of cheating sex stories. First, I want to tell you that I try to be faithful, I really do.  But, it is just so hard to avoid temptation, which I can’t ever seem to do.  I can’t help it. I see a hot man and my nipples tighten and my Pussy just juices up.  And, when that happens, I have to take care of my cravings.  And of course, it always ends up with me being an unfaithful girlfriend.

Sigh…what’s a slut to do?

Even an innocent trip to the grocery store can turn into some hot sexy fun for me.  And, that is exactly where this adventure happened.  You see, I was just walking down the aisle, minding my own business, when a well-muscled arm reached beside me to grab a drink off the shelf in front of me.  When he deep sexy voice said “Excuse me Darlin’” I was like Pavlova’s dogs and my panties instantly soaked.  I turned my head to see what he looked like and our eyes locked…

It was instant electricity and chemistry.

As he pulled his drink from the shelf, his forearm grazed across my perky tits. They instantly hardened under his touch.  Since I wasn’t wearing a bra, the evidence of my arouse was poking out, right there for him to see.  Apparently, he was just as affects as I was because we both glanced down.  As he checks out my hard nipples poking out of my tee, my eyes went down and found the growing bulge in his pants. Right then I knew I was going to to be writing another of my hot cheating sex stories!

Then,  we parted ways, to continue our shopping, but we always kept on eye on each other.

It was not long before we were both checking our groceries and walking out the story together.  That is when I felt the intense craving deep inside my pussy. The Unfaithful Girlfriend wanted to take over, and I let her.  So, with my hips gently swaying, I started a slow sexy walk to my car and could feel his eyes on my ass.  Then, I felt a light touch on my arm and his sexy voice say “What’s your number, Darlin.”

I could not help myself, Oh, I do so enjoy being an unfaithful little slut.

I opened the door and sat inside. The next thing I know, he had opened the passenger door and slid into the car.  We talked for a bit, and then the cheating and unfaithful girlfriend that I am was ready to get nasty with a total stranger.  One Kiss became a very long make-out session. Our hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies..and my god he had a very nice one.  It was as if we were starving and the only thing that could satisfy our hunger was each other.  I slid my hand down the front of his pants and wrapped my fingers around his hot throbbing cock…I love the velvety feel of a hard cock sliding up and down my palm and over my fingers.

You know, I’ve often fantasized about fucking a stranger, but never thought it was going to happen in the car at the grocery store…but it did.


Come back on Thursday for part II

But, if you can’t wait to find out what a wild fuck we had, check out my audio recording.  You will be able to hear all the slutty and dirty details in my own voice.

Call my phone sex hotline at 877-868-4065 and do a little cheating with Nicky



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