Cheating Girlfriend Fantasy – My Sneaky Link Tied Me Up – Part 2

If you are just joining our cheating girlfriend fantasy then you can pick your options. #1 Go read part 1 of my erotically steamy blog, or #2 Purchase my sexy audio with bonus details (don’t have the volume up at work), or #3 Read part 1 and become one of the exclusive clients to own details of my sneaky link on audio!

Sneaky link smiled, and told me he finally found his kink. “You are going to be my little slave.” I should have known; he was so dominant, anyways. He put his hand around my throat, and backed me to the bed. Sitting first, then laying down, he rolled me to my stomach. He whispered in my ear, “That’s a good girl.” Grasping tightly, he put restraints on my wrists and ankles. This resulted in  me shackled to his bed.

I was completely at his mercy, and I found that out the hard way.

Of course, I broke the cheating girlfriend fantasy and ran my mouth.  He reached over and slapped my ass as hard he could. Over, and over, it was so hard it made my whole-body shake. I heard him rustling around in his bedside drawer for something, but he gave absolutely zero indication as to what was about to come next. I tried to pay attention to each and every sound.

Once he was finished, he kneeled down to my level.

I took in a long gasp for air, but each ass cheek stung. As he asked if I was ok, he allowed me a hit off his cigarette. I assumed it was a sweet gesture for what I was about to endure, and I was correct. He lifted my head up with a hand full of my hair, and began to shove his cock in my throat. Face fucking me harder than he ever had before, and this was the perfect angle to get what he wanted.

The spit flowed from my mouth, down his throbbing cock.

It dripped to his balls, and I could feel his cock curve down the back of my throat. Naturally at first I fought for air, followed by my eyes rolling in to the back of my head. Just as I thought I would black out; he pulled his cock out. His head rubbed the thick spit all over my face. Sneaky link kissed my lips, then smacked me across the face. He followed by telling me how much of a good girl I really was, as I took another gasp for air.

His massive cock looked me in the face.

Next, he suspended me slightly off the mattress and my head hung off the bed. He crawled onto the bed behind me, my pussy was dripping with cum. His massive cock slid inside, thrusting harder. and harder. I was begging to cum as he stopped fucking my cunt, and leaned into my ear. Sneaky link asked if I was actually ready to be a very good girl. As I whimpered yes, he laughed.

His cock head popped into my throbbing asshole.

I couldn’t say anything as I felt the tip pass in, slowly gaping my asshole with every inch. He shoved it all the way in, and asked if I was ready. Before I could answer, he began to pound my ass, and grunted harder. Being strapped to the bed, I could only lay there and take the massive pounding. He leaned into my ear and told me it was ok to cum. I felt him release a massive load into my ass as I squirted all over his bed, and balls.

I could feel my asshole pulsing, as he rolled over next to me and undid my restraints.

Laying there of a few moments with my eyes closed, catching my breath. Thinking about what just happened, none of it seemed real. but a few moments later we got into the shower to clean ourselves up. I told sneaky link, “You will be paying for dinner since I was the desert.”

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