Cheating Girlfriend Fantasy – The First Time My Sneaky Link Tied Me Up – Part 1

Sitting here tonight, my sneaky link popped into my head and I instantly got wet. The other night he invited me over to his house, and I was the typical cheating girlfriend fantasy. This was the first time I’d ever let anyone tie me up, and have their way with me. I didn’t even come up with a safe word, which made me a little nervous. We had been seeing each other for a short time, but the sexual desire was crazy between us.

Whenever we were together, nothing got done.

Probably because we were always finding new ways to fuck each other. If I was trying to clean, he’d shove his face into my ass. If I wanted to go shopping, he’d pull me into a changing room and make me gag on his cock. It was so fucking hot, walking out of a dressing room with mascara running down my face. I knew all the Karen’s were jealous, you could tell by the way they looked at me.

My kinks were no secret, but he would never open up to me.

What he wanted, and what he liked, his answer was always, “I just like to fuck you.”  This made me roll my eyes at him, because I knew he was lying. Everyone has a specific topic that puts them over the edge, I loved this cheating girlfriend fantasy. One afternoon before I went over to his place, he texted me that he would have a surprise for me. He claimed he had been working on all day, in preparation for my arrival. The dirty thoughts flooded through my mind, and they were endless.

I had been telling him my kinks and desires for so long, thinking back now it was a bit selfish.

I had no idea what to expect, so I had no idea what to wear. This night started with anxiety, so I wore his favorite.  A tight little dress, no panties, with a lace bra. Sneaky link was always up to no good, so I knew to be ready. Showing up to his house, the lights were dim. However, I could see him and this evil little grin. He met me at the door, taking my purse, and coat.

Sneaky put his arms around me, and slid his tongue into my throat.

At the exact same time I felt a finger enter in my ass, he wasn’t leaving anytime to waste. I became instantly wet thinking of what he had planned. “So, what is my surprise?” He said nothing as he turned around, and motioned for me to follow him. The light in his room was turned to red and he had my favorite rap artist playing in the background. My heart jumped into my throat, as he would soon be doing.

Of course you naughty boys and girls enjoyed reading part one of my Cheating Girlfriend Fantasy. Cum back on Friday to read part two! If you are as dirty as me and can’t wait, you can purchase my naughty audio blog, there are always extra details.  Don’t forget I am starting to build my collection, so check out another one of my naughty adventures.

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