Cheating Fiancé, The Katrina and Cory in The Elevator Series Part 6

The cheating fiancé’s cock suddenly thrust into her pussy. Katrina felt the warm hardness of it. She screamed in pleasure and pushed back on his hard cock, finally attaining the thing she wanted most, Cory’s hard cock filling her tight pussy. No other man had ever filled Katrina’s pussy so completely. Cory held his cock deep inside Katrina relishing the perfect feel of her tight, wet pussy hugging his cock. He held himself there for the instant that it took for him to feel her relax slightly accepting him completely. Soon Cory began to rock his hips, grinding his pelvis against Katrina’s ass, thrusting deeply in and out of her juicing pussy, and sending waves of pleasure throughout Katrina’s entire body.

The deceiving suitor thrust deeper and began to move faster with each thrust. Katrina could feel his hand making its way south to her clit as he continued slamming her pussy from behind. When his hand reached her clit, Cory thrust deep into Katrina’s pussy and just held himself there as he vigorously massaged her clit, teasing her and driving Katrina wild. “GOD!!!! DON’T STOP!!!” Katrina screamed, “OH GODDAMIT CORY, FUCK ME!!!!”

With the sinister chuckle of a cheating admirer, Cory happily obliged and he resumed his deep thrusting holding onto one of Katrina’s hips to steady himself while continuing his vigorous assault to her clit. He continued to plunge hard and deep feeling Katrina’s pussy tighten down even more on his cock. “YES….OH YES….YES….” Katrina screamed at the top of her lungs, matching his thrusts to perfection. 

“Fuck me, Cory! Oh God, I’m going to fucking cum! Don’t stop! Damn it! Cum inside of me! I don’t care, just don’t stop!”

The dishonest admirer thrust once, twice, three times and got as deep as he could before letting out a growling moan of his own as his cock erupted once more with a load of cum larger than the one Katrina had already swallowed. Cory continued thrusting, driving Katrina over the edge into her own blinding orgasm and she shuddered violently letting loose with a passionate yell of satisfaction and a gush of hot cum. Katrina continued to grind back on Cory’s cock over and over with a revolving orgasm, cumming hard on his cock over and over, covering Cory in her own pussy juice and creating a puddle on the elevator floor.

Finally, Cory, the cheating suiter pulled his cock out of her sopping pussy. Katrina stopped grinding and shuddering with the release. Then, they both sank to the floor in satisfaction. Exhaustion overcame them. Katrina and Cory were covered in a sheen of sweat and cum. Cory pulled Katrina close and said in a whisper in her ear. “I definitely will be breaking off my engagement this evening.” Katrina smiled and laughed with delight.

The cheating fiancé and his girlfriend’s sister lay there in the corner of the elevator in a delighted state of exhaustion. Maybe they even dozed off a little moment. They didn’t hear the fans come back on. Waking when the chill of the air conditioning came back. They got dressed still in that post-coital state. “I bet we look guilty as hell,” Katrina said in a little quip. She expected to be potentially found out by the mall security. Cory said in reply, “Well, we are guilty, but nobody here is going to know it,” They both laughed. 

The elevators began to hum again.

Cory, the dishonest fiancé, and Katrina, the seductive sister, laughed as the elevator doors opened. They both looked disheveled and had that glow people get after having really good sex. Cory was still stuffing his shirt back into his pants. Katrina hadn’t bothered with her underwear but was still buttoning her top. They were smiling and laughing until they both looked up at the sound of Katrina’s sister’s voice. “I was so scared,” she said in a wail and then stopped cold at the sight of them. They both stopped in stunned amazement. Written across their faces was guilt. “What the fuck?!” Katrina’s sister said in an angry voice, “How could you do this to me?!” Then she stepped into the elevator to slap Cory across the face and give Katrina an angry look. “I hate you both!” she screamed at them before she turned and fled.

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