Cheating Fiancé, The Katrina and Cory in The Elevator Series Part 5

We rejoin Cory, Katrina’s sister’s cheating fiancé back in the elevator after Cory’s massive orgasm from seriously hot oral sex. Trapped in the elevator, Katrina first seduced and then sucked-off her little sister’s fiancé. It was obvious to them both that they had tons of chemistry. Initially, Katrina wanted Cory because he was off-limits and a challenge. She changed her mind. Now, she thought it might be more.

Katrina was surprised by her own orgasm from only sucking her sister’s deceiving suitor’s cock.  Her juices not simply dampening her thong but freely flowing down her thighs. Cory hadn’t even gotten close to her pussy, yet. Katrina stood up, brushing her breasts against Cory’s bare chest. She hadn’t noticed when Cory had taken it the rest of the way off. Katrina wasn’t complaining as she ran her hands over his toned chest and abs. She pressed her own slender body and full breasts against his chest, feeling their mutual warmth. She wanted to be near him.

The dishonest admirer, Cory, ran his hands over Katrina’s body, pulling her close. He caressed her back underneath the babydoll, her shoulders, and her flat stomach. Cory stopped just short of Katrina’s damp pussy, but she meant to change that shortly. Cory’s attention was mainly focused on Katrina’s massive breasts. They were heaving from her extraordinary cock sucking performance. Cory took them in his hands, massaging and kneading them gently at first then more aggressively as he became more familiar with what made Katrina moan and groan. Cory loved the fact that Katrina almost swooned when he squeezed her breasts pinching her hard nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. 

It didn’t take long for Cory to decide how hot Katrina looked in the babydoll!

The cheating fiancé would much rather have that flimsy piece of ‘nothing’ on the floor, allowing him complete access to Katrina’s body any way that he wanted it.  So, Cory quickly undid the tie between Katrina’s breasts to get complete access to all Katrina had to offer him. Arching her back slightly, Katrina let the babydoll fall to the floor and pressed her breasts higher against Cory’s chest. The feeling of their hot, bare flesh touching was making Katrina moan with increased desire. She leaned close, enjoying the sensation of Cory’s still rock hard cock pulsing against her eager and willing pussy. “You can have me any way you want me, Cory,” she said in a whisper into the dim lighting.

“I plan on it,” Cory said as a deceiving suitor would respond. Then taking Katrina in his arms and running his tongue along the circles of her erect and perfect nipples. Katrina felt her own knees buckle as pleasure coursed through her body, making her pussy throb and flow with even more juice. Cory spent what seemed like hours licking, suckling and massaging her nipples and breasts with his tongue, bringing her to the brink of orgasm numerous times; all without ever touching her clit. 

“Please,” Katrina said in a stammer, “Please fuck me, Cory.”

The daring, dishonest suitor’s response was to spin Katrina around to face the stainless steel wall, pressing his weight on her, and pushing her against the wall. The metal was cool, despite the heat in the confined space, and it made Katrina gasp. Cory grabbed her by the hips tearing the flimsy thong panty right off of her ass. Then Cory pulled Katrina’s ass back pressing his cock between those sweet cheeks. When Katrina arched her back to give Cory better access, he reached up cupping her breast and pinching her nipple. Katrina could feel Cory’s hard cock sliding between her ass cheeks as he readied himself to enter her dripping wet pussy.

Katrina arched her back even further in an attempt to get Cory inside her, but he was taking his time, teasing her, and savoring the moment. “Do you want it, Katrina?” he said teasingly and she said breathlessly, “Oh God, Yes! Please, Cory, please!”

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