Cheating Ass Worship – Cheating Fiance Worships Ass – NAT – A – 0005 – 3-19-23 – Part 2

Be sure to remind your self of Part 1. Now for the hot finale of this cheating ass worship roleplay!

Your cock gets rock hard the moment your face touches my ass. 

You pull the towel away & immediately start stroking your cock. Rubbing your nose up & down between my butt cheeks, you inhale my scent. Its aroma is so intoxicating, you let go of your cock to avoid busting your nut too soon. You run both hands up my thighs, grabbing the bottom of my exposed ass cheeks. Then you slide your fingers up to my shorts, pushing the fabric as far up as it will go. Taking a hold of one cheek in each hand, you spread my ass as far apart as you can. There are just two provocative pieces of fabric between you and my pink butthole. 

Gripping your dick, you start pleading with me again.

Over & over you beg me to pull down my shorts while furiously beating your meat. Seeing you masturbate so intensely for me is making my pussy wet. Groaning, you do your best to resist plunging your face straight into my ass again. You continue to beg me for more. Finally, I give in to your desires, pulling down both my shorts and my thong. My wet pussy is rubbing on the front of your fiance’s wedding dress as you spread my ass cheeks open. Your cock throbs as I wink my pink butthole at you. You trace your hands around my curves, kissing every inch of my ass cheeks as you jerk off.

You want to cum for my flawless ass so badly.

Your cock keeps touching her wedding dress as you stroke, leaking precum on it. You stare at my ass, imagining what it would look like covered in your cum. Without realizing it, you’ve started humping into your own. You start begging me to let you rub your cock on my ass. “Please, just the tip. Just let me touch your gorgeous ass with the tip of my cock!” I tell you I’m not sure, just to hear you beg some more. I finally give in, telling you that you may rub your cock on my ass. You stand up at the edge of the bed, & I get on my knees. Your soon-to-be wife’s wedding dress is right below us.

At first, you’re simply jerking off on my ass.

But as you start humping your hand again, it’s not enough. My ass is so fucking sexy, you’ve just got to rub your cock on it! Your cock is stuffed tight in the middle of my ass as you hump me, balls slapping against my wet pussy. You push my ass cheeks together, gripping your cock even tighter. It’s tighter than your fiance’s pussy, and it feels better too. Moments later your cock is oozing cum all over my ass. You grab hold of your dick and stroke it until you’ve emptied your balls all over my ass. Your sperm drips down my butt cheeks, straight onto your bride’s wedding dress. Between your sperm & my pussy juice, it’s completely ruined, just like your future marriage.


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this swingers roleplay and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!


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