Cheaters Always Prosper: An Affair with Rhiannon Part 2


While waiting for you to to help me cheat, I decided that I didn’t really need to get dressed and remained wrapped up in the towel from my shower. After some time, my doorbell rang, and I briskly walked to the front door. “Hey, handsome,” I purred at you, but you had nothing to say. You were immediately kissing me in the doorway, your strong hands grabbing at the base of my hair, and holding me closely to you. I couldn’t help but be instantly turned on by a man who knew exactly what he wanted, and I moaned softly into your mouth as our tongues became intertwined. 

You broke our kiss, your lips wet with both our saliva. “Where’s your bedroom? And when will your boyfriend be home?” I giggled, indicating that it didn’t much matter to me when he would be arriving, and took you by the hand, leading you towards he and I’s bedroom. 


I couldn’t wait to begin this affair. You were so perfect for me and everything I needed.


“Lie on the bed,” you told me, and I began to do so with the towel still in place. “No,” you said and snatched the towel away from me, leaving me completely nude. “Lie on the bed without the towel,” you added and placed your palm on the upper part of my chest before giving me a little push, that made me fall into the bed backward. You then stripped, pulling your shirt over your head, and dropping your jeans and boxers as quick as lightning. Then, you were on top of me.


Your cock was already thick and hard, I could feel it against my thigh as you leaned down and sucked on my nipples, taking each of them, one at a time, in your warm and wet mouth. “Please fuck me,” I begged, the whining of my voice echoing through the shared bedroom.


“Not yet,” you said gruffly, and wrapped both hands around my slender little throat. “I want you to beg for it,” you demanded. So, I did.


“Please fuck me. Please slide your cock into me and fuck me better than my boyfriend does,” I begged, sure to let you know that I knew you could fuck me so very, very well. My voice came in gasps, as my legs found their way onto your shoulders. Your thick and throbbing cock slid quickly into my tight little fuckhole.  My mouth parted and I gasped, feeling your immense thickness in my pussy. I wriggled beneath you, wanting you deeper inside me. 

I wanted you so, so badly. My partner in crime. We were going to have so much fun cheating!


You continued to have both hands wrapped gently around my throat, squeezing just enough to let me know you were there and meant business. It made me slightly dizzy, but the feeling of the dizziness, mixed with the thrill of my pussy being filled with your amazing dick was enough for  me to instantly orgasm, my pussy flooding with sweet juices all over your cock. I moaned as loudly as I could with your hands around my neck. Your hips thrusted and I felt the hot rush of cum into my cunt and moaned softly again. Releasing your grip on my throat, you bent down and kissed my forehead. “Good job,” you told me. And I knew this would be the beginning of a long and hot affair.


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