Chastity meets CBT with Ruby – Part 2

This chastity story about my perverted roommate gets even better. You should read part 1 first if you haven’t already. He was clearly nervous and sweating as I leaned down to attach the device to his junk. I looked up at him with a big smile on my face. So I said to him that this has to happen. There’s no other way to go about this unless he wants me to tell everyone about his perversions. If I don’t give him a harsh punishment then how will he ever learn to behave?

In the moment I decided to get on my knees in front of him. I know this sounds nice at first but trust me he’s not going to feel any pleasure. So I just reached for his balls while still looking up at him smiling. I didn’t waste any time to let him feel the pain of my sharp fingernails digging into his pathetic sack. He would say things like “Ruby, no, please… stop.. it hurts!” But do you think I gave a damn? No way! The loser had it coming. So I started digging my nails in deeper while twisting his balls. Oh that really made him groan and howl! I actually couldn’t help but laugh at him.

His puny dick was stuck in the cock cage with no way of getting out anytime soon.

My laughter couldn’t be contained. I wanted him to know how happy this was making me. To watch him suffer, as he rightfully should. I was always the nice roommate. Never did I bother him and this is how he repaid me? By sniffing and stealing my panties. Rubbing his semen all over my blanket and pillows. The sick fuck deserved a hard punch to his balls – which he immediately received! I wasn’t going to put up with his nonsense anymore.

Then the tears started rolling down his stupid face. That still wouldn’t stop me from giving him another sucker punch to his junk. My laughter was through the roof! Laughing at his pathetic expense. I was already stressed and upset about other stuff in my life. So I thought I better just take it all out on his balls like a punch bag! I started using both of my fists. One after another. Giving him everything I had! It was quite exciting actually.

Would you believe his dick was desperately trying to grow in the cage?

“Oh wow, you really are a sick fuck!” I said in astonishment. But I don’t know what came over me next. Still on my knees, I leaned in closer to the tip of his cock. The precum was beginning to ooze out of the cage. I looked into his eyes and started licking the precum off. You may think I was being nice but trust me when I say that sucks for him! I had to remind him that the cage wasn’t coming off anytime soon.  Those tears just kept coming. It was hilarious!

Well I had more tricks up my sleeve but in the meantime I was done. I made sure to keep the key in a special place so he couldn’t find it. If you didn’t know, it’s not easy sleeping in a cock cage! He slept it for many days straight after what happened. Went to work in it too. But he deserved it so I didn’t feel bad at all!

Get the audio so you can hear my laughter and humiliating him.

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