Chastity meets CBT with Ruby – Part 1

Perverted thieves deserve to be in chastity. You’ve been a very bad roommate! One who sneaks into my bedroom when I’m gone or even when I’m in the shower. It’s so funny that you thought I would never notice my belongings going missing. Clean and DIRTY panties. I just brushed it off at first until I started noticing cum stains on my stuff. That’s why I had to put a hidden camera in my bedroom to catch you in the act. Didn’t take long at all for that to happen, did it? You must be doing this every day because I caught you on cam on the first day. You’re such a pervert!

Man, I should have listened to my girlfriends when they said this would happen when having a male roommate. It was silly of me to brush off their comments. Now we’re in a sticky situation, huh? More like YOU are the one in the sticky situation! Well, I can promise that you won’t be doing any of this crap again. Oh, and please don’t give me your “sorry” and “I won’t do this again” shit. We both know that isn’t true unless I give you a harsh punishment. You’re going to learn your fucking lesson whether you like it or not.

Then I bring out something special but it’s actually quite terrifying for you…

Do you realize what this thing is in my hands? I bought it just the other day because I had a feeling it would be useful someday. Although I didn’t realize “someday” was going to be so soon but here we are! So yeah, it’s what they call a chastity device. If you have half of a brain then you should probably know what “chastity” means. It comes with only one key. Of course, I will be keeping the key. If I were to secure this on your pathetic dick then you won’t be able to use it for a while! Which is honestly a good thing.

Now you either do what I say or you’re totally fucked. I show everyone what I captured on my video camera and your life won’t be the same. You wouldn’t want that to happen, right? So just strip down naked and get your dick over here! I’m not messing around. You deserve a harsh punishment. Darling, we’re only getting started here.

There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to hide… Your dick is now mine.

You understand now how truly serious this situation is. Yet you still don’t know what is in store for you! I’m not just talking about your dick either. That ball sack of yours needs punishing too. That’s where your cum originates after all. I don’t want any more of your nasty jizz stains on my belongings. So yeah, you’re going to fucking learn not to mess with me again! Now, this device is ready to go on your little dick. Don’t give me that sad face! I’m not buying it.

Stay tuned for part 2 on Thursday. That’s where the real CBT fun begins. Grab the audio if you rather not wait that long!

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