Chastity Fun Locked Up For Me and You, part two

Back to our chastity fun experience baby! You are unable to fight your urges to not get hard. Thus, my teasing you proved effective but painful for you. As your cock got hard, it was pinned down by the metal bars. Therefore, keeping your cock unable to become rigid. At one point you were dripping from your head you wanted to be hard so bad. My pussy dripping wanting you while my eyes stayed glued to the clip. At that moment, I craved you free and in my hands, my mouth, and all of my holes.

As I pull into the driveway, you are calling me, impatiently wanting me home at that moment. I remind you what role you are in this week, how I am in charge. Therefore, you WILL NOT speak to me that way, or you will stay locked up longer. Thus, you let out a growl, accepting that I am the one in charge. At that moment, I also take the time to mention how you had to be soft all day– against your will.

Again, you growl at me.

Turning me on, I play with the key around my neck, smirking and giggling. I walk into the house, and you immediately drop to your knees in front of me. I hear you whimper. At this moment, I place a leg over your shoulder and expose the fact I am not wearing panties under my skirt. You can smell how excited I am for you. Thus, your tongue licks up my thighs and stops just at the opening of my cupcake. Because of you stopping I grab the back of your head by your hair and shove you into my wet pussy. And I command you to show me how badly you want me to let you out of your cage. For this reason alone your tongue, like a magnet, went straight for my love button.

I begin to moan, and your index and middle finger are now deep inside me. My breathing becoming muffled as I nibble on the key. Your fingers begin to massage me inside, your tongue lapping faster and robustly. Thus, you are proving to me how badly you want out of your cage. At that moment, my pussy  squirts and gushes all over your handsome face. You groan and look me dead in my eyes as if to beg to fuck me.

Then I yank you up by your hair, drop to my knees.

…… and slowly unlock your padlock. Because of this, you reach down, but I hit your hand away. And I start to lock you back up, to which you whimper and beg me not to. A smirk takes over my face, I continue to remove you from the cage. However, you being hard is proving this to be difficult. At last, I get you free and you gasp with relief that you can now be hard. I ask you if this is what you wanted? To which you nod while taking your throbbing member in your hand and move it toward my face.

I shake my head “no”, and grab your cock, then lead you to the living room. And I bend myself over the arm of the couch, lifting up my pencil skirt. Before I can even get it up and over my hips, your bulbous head is at my opening.

With how wet I am, dripping down my thigh up to this point, you slide right in with little effort.

We both let out a moan of sheer pleasure. You begin to pound me with intensity caused by the frustrations of being locked up all day. My teasing you paid off, you are fucking me with the raw rage I needed. Passion takes over I am cumming waves after waves with my juices just raining down your waist, thighs, and all over the floor.  Chastity fun was just what I hoped it would be. As my eyes roll into my head, your pace changes to deep short slams into me. Thus, you’re about to cum your ropes of warm seed deep into me. You growl as you release with an explosion. I collapse against the cushion, sighing with relief, you then land against my back, kissing me for your gratitude.

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  1. Jerry Mack February 12, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    That was very sexy. My wife and I are into teasing and denial with her being the dominant. It’s alot of fun.I always tell her that I like it that she enjoys it so much. She would love to take it to another level by using a chastity device but I’m afraid to do that because I don’t think there would be the kind of happy ending that you describe. I know that she would love to ration my orgasms permanently so that she could control me and that would greatly amuse her.

    1. Mackenzie Harkness April 26, 2021 at 12:47 am

      I am glad you enjoyed it. I am still trying to find my style of writing here at The Temple. I would not be afraid, she sounds like she would take perfectly good care of you Jerry. If you both agreed on that kind of arrangement I am sure her amusement could become your pleasure if you allowed it to be. 🙂 But, I am a sucker for those kinds of happy dripping endings. mmmmm


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