Chastity Fun Locked Up For Me, part one

I am thinking I want us to have some chastity fun next. And, have you locked up for me and my pleasure. I love so much how we have been allowing me to be more dominant in our bedroom fun baby. Up to this point, I was always submissive to you. But, I am liking this switch up for us. You get super hard or me too when we do. Thus, I can tell that you really like it, baby.  

The thought of it has had me dripping from my pussy all day. My mouth waters at the thought of having the power to unlock you. Knowing that I am who allows you to get fully hard versus being trapped in that metal cage. Your cock unable to get erect and it just dripping for me to release it and take it firmly in my hands, my mouth, or allow it in my pussy. God baby!!!! Do you know how much I want you when I am the one in charge?

At this moment, you find your new cock cage boxed and wrapped up as a present waiting for you on the bed after your shower. As you open it, I am standing just a bit behind you with the biggest grin on my face. Thus, you chuckle as you turn to look for me. My hand is teasing my neckline where I am currently wearing a necklace with your key, to your new lock. Handing it over to me, you ask, “and what is this for, my dear?”

I giggle and say, for playtime today and tonight.

Because of this request, you ask me if I have been a good girl and earned my chance to be in charge? To which, I giggle and remind you that “I am always a good girl, but when I am bad, I am even better!” For this reason, your left hand left a perfect print on my ass cheek. I knew then that this idea was going to be a good one. Where both of us end up teasing one another all day long waiting for you to get home from work and be unlocked and played with.

I got down on my knees and took your cock into my mouth. In that instance you grabbed a handful of my hair and helped me keep the pace you wanted– my hands wandering to your balls, gently massaging them. Because you enjoy that, I knew you would take me all the way down. At that moment, your cock was deep in my throat, the bonus we love about me not having a gag reflex. Having your balls against my chin, I look up into your eyes, and you lose your load down my throat. I giggle and smile after I lick my lips.

You give me the go-ahead to take your happily drained member and lock him up in the cage.

I gently place him inside and use the padlock provided to keep you contained. With the biggest smirk on my face, I walk out of the room and tell you to have a good day. I know that you will soon find a clip of me blowing you on your phone. See, I set up my phone to record it while you were in the shower. Just a little reminder of how you cannot get hard while wearing your cage.

This going to be a fun little experience, chastity fun for us.

To be continued ……

But if you cannot wait any longer to hear how this ends well, then buy the audio and enjoy me telling you in your ear.

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