If you enjoyed the first part of Charlotte’s Lesson then you are going to LOVE part Two. Welcome to the conclusion of when Auntie Lisa teaches bratty Charlotte a lesson on Respect!

Charlotte’s Lesson- Part Two

Aunt Lisa laughs and goes, “Ginger. I know you don’t cook so you probably didn’t know that. The nice thing about ginger is when it is peeled, it doesn’t just smell, but it burns. Badly.” Laughing she walks out of my line of sight. I twist and turn trying to see what she’s doing. Suddenly I feel her hand grab my ass cheeks. “What are you doing? No stop, Auntie Lisa NO!” I yell out as she shoves that smelly root up my ass. Oh it burns so much, I can’t help but cry. The pain from the burn and having something shoved up my tender, virgin asshole is too much. I feel sick. “Oh god it burns Auntie Lisa. So much! Please please take it out!” Aunt Lisa just laughs and grabs some large thing. She rubs it against my arm and it feels like it scratched my skin off.

“What is that?!”

I am so in shock that my aunt is doing all this that I can’t comprehend what I am seeing. Aunt Lisa starts strapping the dildo on and that’s when I realize its covered in sandpaper, SANDPAPER! “What are you going to do with that?! No please, Aunt Lisa! What did I ever do to you?! Please stop it!” I scream out again as she grabs my hips and shoves that large, sandpaper covered dildo up my vagina. The sandpaper tears and rips the inside of my vagina as she moves it in and out. Fucking me over and over. I scream out again and again, while Miguel watches and laughs at my aunt thoroughly fucking me.

“Oh God Auntie Lisa! Please stop. I’ll do ANYTHING you want! I promise!”

I sob out at her. She leans in and says in my ear “Do you promise to be a good girl for your daddy? Quit spending all his money?” “Yes! I promise, I’ll be a good girl! I’ll be respectful!” Screaming out in pain, as she rips the dildo out of my pussy and the ginger root from my ass. God it hurts so badly. Suddenly I feel her hands on me again and the pain intensifies! Oh my god! She has rubbed lemon and salt all over my poor, abused pussy and asshole! Laughing, she says “Burns doesn’t it? Well, this is how its going to work. If you don’t want this, and worse, to happen again you will be a good girl. Be respectful to your father and others and stop being this spoiled little bratty bitch you have been. Understand?” I cry out, my whole body trembling, “Yes Auntie Lisa. I promise”.

“Good Girl, now you are going to stay here all night. I’ll be back in the morning”

“Wait! No please don’t leave me, Auntie Lisa! Please!!!” I cry out after her. Miguel looks at me as he walks past, “Miguel, please! I am so sorry I called you names. Please let me go!” He just ignores me and walks out the door. I can’t help but cry out. My pussy and asshole are burning and hurting so intensely. She won’t do this to me again. I’ll have to be good, well at least for a few months. Then things can go back to normal. Who knew my Know-It-all Aunt was such a dominating freak.

I hope you enjoyed my tale of when Auntie Lisa taught me a major lesson on being a brat. In case you missed it, you can always get Charlotte’s Lesson- Part One here. As always, you can purchase my audio blog so you can hear it in my sexy voice whenever you want. Check out Lisa’s blog too so you can get her side of the story!

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