Hey y’all and Welcome to my blog, Charlotte’s Lesson- Part One. Come enjoy bratty little Charlotte being taught a lesson by her dominating Aunt Lisa. This is my point of view. Don’t miss out on Lisa’s point of view!

Charlotte’s Lesson- Part One

My dad has me so irritated. He is making me go visit my boring Aunt Lisa. She’s so old and such a Know-It-All that any visits spent with makes me want a nap. I had plans to go shopping with my friends this weekend and having fun at the beach! Rolling my eyes, I stomp up the stairs leading to Aunt Lisa’s house. I see my aunt standing in the hallway. She looks like she stepped out of a BDSM novel! She’s dressed in all black leather, and I’ll admit, she looks kind of hot.

“Hey Auntie Lisa! Dad said you wanted to see me” She grabs my arm and starts pulling me behind her. “What the Hell! Where are we going?” I ask her as I pull at my arm.

“To The Basement”

She says as she pulls me down the stairs. I’ve never been in Aunt Lisa’s basement before. It’s all black with lots of weird looking contraptions around. There’s this huge wood cross in the middle of the room. It’s super creepy down here. In the corner is this big, muscular man just watching me. When he sees me looking, he grabs his crotch and blows me a kiss. Ewe gross, “Ugh Aunt Lisa, control your freak”. She turns and looks me in the face and says, “Take your clothes off.” I stare at her in shock, “Umm what?! Are you crazy?! I am not taking my clothes off!” Suddenly she smacks me across the face. “Ow! What the Hell, Aunt Lisa!” She smacks me several more times and says menacingly,

“Take off your clothes Now or I’ll make Miguel rip them off!”

I cower away from the venom in her tone, “Ok Ok! Fine I’ll strip! I just bought this yesterday. Daddy is going to be SO mad at you for this!” I can’t help but run my mouth. Who does she think she is? Once I am fully naked, Aunt Lisa and that muscled freak Miguel grab my arms and start pulling me towards the wooden cross. “Hey! What are you doing? Stop it that hurts! Quit touching me you freak!” I yell at them over and over as the shackle me to the cross. They have me pinned so tightly, face first, that my breast are almost squished against the cross. Suddenly, Aunt Lisa holds up a chain that has three silver clamps attached to it.


I yell as she forces her hand with the clamps between me and the cross, clamping one super tightly against my nipple. “What the hell, Auntie Lisa?! Please, take it off, it hurts so much!” I cry out. She quickly clamps my other nipple in the second clamp. Laughing, she says “Where do you think this third one is going to go?” I start squirming as she runs her fingers along my clit, “NO NO NO! OMG STOP TOUCHING ME THERE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! OUCH!” I scream in pain as she clamps my clit between the jaws of that little sliver clamp. It hurts so much. “Please Auntie Lisa! Take it off!” She just laughs at me and holds up something brown. What is that? A root? Its outer layer has been peeled off and it has a very nasty pungent smell.

“What is that smell? Gross!”

I hope you have enjoyed Charlotte’s Lesson-Part One. Be sure to come back on Friday for Part two and see what all Lisa does to Charlotte. If you love this, be sure to check out Lisa’s blog to get her version of this naughty tale. And as always, if you just can’t wait, you can purchase the audio version so you can hear it in my sexy voice.

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