I have been super distracted lately during practice. My coach wanted to see me to find out what is causing it. During our conversation, I notice he is turned on and I decide to take advantage of it. Hope you enjoy the conclusion to

Charlotte Seduces Her Coach- Part Two

“Hey Coach! Check this out!”

I say with a grin. He turns around quickly, and just stares. “Charlotte, what are you doing” He says on a groan. I can see through his shorts that he’s fully erect, OH MY, he’s huge. Seeing where my eyes have went, he asks in a husky tone, “Do you like what you do to me, Charlotte?” Grinning, I walk slowly towards him, “Yea Coach, I do. What should we do about it?” I get right in front of him and look into his eyes. With a groan, he grabs me and kisses me. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” he says between kisses. Pressing my body closer to his, I kiss him harder. With a gasp I tell him, “It’s ok, it will be between us.

No one else needs to know.”

He groans loudly and pushes everything off his desk then lays me on top of it. Suddenly I feel his mouth on my breast, taking one nipple deep into his warm, wet mouth. I can’t help but moan at how amazing his mouth feels, he grabs my other breast with his hand, and I start trembling with lust. Bringing his mouth back to mine, I feel him start yanking at my shorts. I lift my hips so he can pull them down and then he touches me. He groans against my mouth as he feels just how wet I am. Kissing his way down my body until he slips his tongue deeply inside my tight wet pussy.

“Oh yes!”

I exclaim as he starts licking and sucking on that sweet bundle of nerves between my legs. Feeling my body explode as my orgasm shoots through me. Sliding up, he kisses my lips, letting me taste my juices on his mouth. “Sweet Charlotte, who knew you would taste that good. Are you ready for me, sweetheart?” I tremble uncontrollably as I moan out, “Oh yes please” I feel him slide inside me. It feels like he is hitting the back of my belly button. We both freeze as he gets fully incased inside me.

“You are so tight!”

He says with gritted teeth, then he suddenly starts slamming into me. I can’t help but moan in ecstasy at how good he feels. Right as I’m about to orgasm again he quickly pulls out, causing me to pout. Flipping me over onto my stomach, grabs one leg and pushes it up and then slams his large cock back into me. Gripping my hair, he leans down to whisper in my ear, “See what you do to me Charlie, what you have always done to me?” He continues to pound into me until we both orgasm intensely.

Straightening up, I grin at him and ask if I’m still in trouble for not paying attention during practice. He smiles and shakes his head, telling me to remember to keep it between us. Then he walks me to door. I can’t help but grin, I think this is going to become a new form of practice.

I really hope you enjoyed reading Charlotte Seduces Her Coach- Part Two. If you missed the first half you can check it out here, Charlotte Seduces Her Coach- Part One. Also, check it out in my sexy voice and get my audio version.

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