We left off with Charlotte’s husband walking in and catching her with their neighbor, Mark. Charlotte is none too happy to see him and asks why he’s home early. I hope you enjoy

Charlotte Gets Caught- A Cuckold Tale- Part 2

“I had a headache, so I came home early”

He says, looking at me in defeat, his voice stuttering. “My God man! Look at you! You are weak, pathetic, you can’t even work up righteous anger while standing there watching another man eat your wife’s pussy! Is it any wonder why I had to turn to our neighbor to get satisfied? You haven’t satisfied me in a VERY long time!” Tears fill his eyes and he looks at me, “I know I haven’t. I’m sorry. What can I do to make it better?” Staring at him, slightly in shock,

“Make it better?”

I start laughing and tell him, “You are going to strip naked, and watch as Mark fucks me. Then, you are going to come over here and clean both of us up. That is what I want from you!” He nods his head slowly as he starts undressing. I can’t help but notice he’s already hard, “You are enjoying this aren’t you? Look at your little penis, standing at attention. I haven’t seen you that hard in years!” Saying with a laugh. “Oh yes, Mark!” I say as I have another orgasm. Mark stands up, looks my husband up and down and grins,

“No wonder you came to me. There’s barely anything to him”

We chuckle together as we stare over at my husband, standing there so meekly and getting blood red from embarrassment. “I know right? Come show him how a real man works his dick” I say as I turn over onto my stomach and stick my ass in the air. Mark grabs my hips and thrusts quickly and firmly into my wet, throbbing pussy. Oh, it feels so good. I turn my head to face my husband, he is watching Mark go in and out of my pussy, a look of Awe on his face.

“Do you want to help him?”

I ask my husband. His eyes jerk to mine, and he slowly nods. I raise one leg up so its bent on the side of the bed, “Get down on your knees and lick. Both my pussy and Mark’s balls”. He quickly gets down on his knees and starts licking my clit. I feel him move down so that he can lick Mark as Mark slides in and out of my pussy. Glancing over my shoulder at Mark, he has his head tilted back and eyes closed, he seems to be enjoying himself tremendously. I feel him go faster and squeeze my hips hard as he prepares to fill me with his seed.

“Oh Yes! Now!”

I yell out as he cums inside me. Laying there trembling from my orgasm when I feel my husband lick my pussy. “Wait! I want you to lick and suck all my juices off of Mark’s cock.” He looks from me to Mark before nodding solemnly. Opening his mouth and Mark doesn’t hesitate to shove his big semi-hard cock into my husband’s mouth. As my husband gags from the size of Mark’s massive cock, I feel myself getting turned on again. Who knew watching my husband suck cock would be so attractive?

“That’s good, Now come clean me!”

I say as I roll back onto my back and spread my legs wide. My husband crawls forward and starts eating all of Mark’s cum out of my dripping pussy. I can’t help but moan and move my hips. Mark walks over and grabs my husbands head, pushing his mouth further onto my pussy. I moan even more as Mark leans over and takes my nipple into his mouth. “AHHHH!!!” I yell my release. “Good boy, you can go jack off now” I say to my husband. He looks at me and Mark, then slowly walks to the bathroom to relieve himself. “We may have to do this with him again Mark” I say. Mark grins at me and says “Oh I agree”

I really hope you enjoyed the conclusion to Charlotte Gets Caught- A Cuckold Tale. If you missed the first part, you can go here to read Charlotte Gets Caught- A Cuckold Tale- Part 1. As always, you can purchase the Audio Version to get the complete blog in my sexy voice.

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