My husband doesn’t please me sexually anymore, I have needs that he can’t meet. So I turned to our well-endowed neighbor. Things have been going so good, will that change now that my husband came home and caught us? I hope you enjoy my latest blog.

Charlotte Gets Caught- A Cuckold Tale

My husband is so weak and useless and don’t get me started about his performance in bed! How he thinks he could please a woman with that little thing is ridiculous! So, I had to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. I had heard rumors about the size of our neighbor’s man hood from other ladies around the neighborhood. Mark has always flirted with me. So, one day a few months ago, I decided to take things a step further, Mark had zero complaints. Now, a couple times a week, while my darling husband is at work, Mark comes over and puts that large dick to work. In fact, he just arrived for this week’s fun. I open the door to find Mark giving me a huge grin,

“Ready to play, Charlotte?”

I can’t help but grin as I step back and let him inside. As soon as I close the door, he pins me to the wall, his mouth on mine as he starts parting my robe. Oh, Mark is so good at everything he does, he has me so wet already that I can’t help but grab that large hard cock. I unbutton his jeans and reach inside, letting that large cock of his free. I drop down and immediately take him deep into my mouth.

“Oh Yes, Charlotte”

He moans my name as I suck and nibble on his massive cock. He grabs my hair and shoves his cock all the way down my throat, so that my mouth is pressed against his body. He holds me like that for a few moments before yanking me up and carrying me towards the bedroom. “Woman, that mouth of yours is lethal!” He growls in my ear. My robe has slid open, and he drops his head to suckle my exposed breast into his mouth. Oh! His mouth feels so good. He tosses me on the bed and quickly takes his clothes off. Tossing my robe to the side, I open my arms and legs wide and tell him

“Come here Mark!”

He quickly climbs on top of me, sliding his tongue in my mouth and his cock into my wet pussy at the same time. Oh, I can’t help but moan against his mouth. He isn’t just big; he knows how to work it. Sliding in and out, faster and faster, until the orgasm rips through me. As I lay there trembling, he starts kissing his way down my body, “I love tasting you after you’ve came for me,” he says as he slides his tongue where his cock just was. “Oh yes Mark!” I say as I grip his hair and push his face closer to my pussy. I start moving my hips against his mouth when suddenly I hear,


I open my eyes and look directly into the shocked face of my darling husband. “Well, Now isn’t this interesting. NO NO NO, DO NOT STOP Mark!” I say as I push him back closer to my pussy. Mark is more than willing to oblige and continues to lick and suck my pussy. “What are you doing here, husband?” I ask, my voice filled with disgust.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog of when I got caught by my useless husband. If you enjoyed this Charlotte Gets Caught- A Cuckold Tale- Part 1, be sure to come back Friday for Charlotte Gets Caught- A Cuckold Tale- Part 2! As always, if you don’t want to wait you can purchase the complete story, in my sexy voice, click here for Audio Version.

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