I have been distracted a lot recently during track practice. As the star athlete, naturally my coach has been wondering why. I hope you enjoy the tale of when I seduced my coach to get out of trouble.

Charlie Seduces her Coach- Part One


I look up from my phone as my track coach yells for me, “Coach?!” I respond back to him. He walks up to me and says “For the last time, put the phone away or I’m taking it. Go give me 10 laps around the track!” Sighing, I place my phone back in my bag and start running. As the star athlete of our team,  I get my Coach’s frustrations. I have been terribly distracted lately. The guy I had been seeing just broke up with me, for another dude! I’m still in shock and it’s been 3 weeks since it happened. What was he thinking? How could he do that to me? I just don’t get it. My mind keeps playing this endless loop as I run half-heartedly around the track.


I jolt at the sound of my name and almost fall flat on my face. “What’s up?”  My coach looks at me with concern, “Practice is over, meet me in my office” He says as he turns around and walks away. Looking around the empty field, where did everyone go? Quickly rushing to the showers as everyone is heading out. Wow, I was really lost in my thoughts this time. I quickly shower off all the sweat and get dressed. Knocking on the coach’s door, my hair still dripping from my shower. He opens the door for me and steps to the side,

“Come in Charlie”

I walk past him into his office, and he closes the door. As I turn to face him, I say “Coach I’m really sorry”. “What is going on with you, Charlie?” he asks me. “I’m not sure, Coach. You know Jason and I broke up and he started dating Greg. Greg! Can you believe it?” I exclaim, swinging my arms out in my excitement I accidentally smack my coach in the stomach. “OPE! I am so sorry”, I start running my hands along his stomach to make sure I hadn’t hurt him. “Charlie,” He whispers, as if in pain. I frantically start checking him again, “Where does it hurt? Oh Coach, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you!” I exclaim as I start lifting his shirt to check him.


He yells at me, right when I realize that it wasn’t a knot forming on his stomach, it was his erection. Blushing, I try to look away but I was so intrigued by the size of his erection, I’ve never seen one that big before. Breathing heavily he continues to stare at me, “Charlie, maybe we should have this discussion another time. You’re free to go.” He says as he turns around and walks towards his desk. “Coach? Is there anything I can do to help you?” I say as I walk towards him and place my hand on his back.


Feeling his muscles tense up under my touch, “NO! Don’t touch me, Charlie, just go!”. “Fine, see ya later Coach,” I say as I walk towards the door. I glance back at him, noticing he still had his shoulders hunched up and his back towards me. Getting a devilish idea, and quickly lock the door. I yank my shirt off and toss it to the side.

I hope you enjoyed Charlie Seduces her Coach- Part One. Come back Friday for Charlie Seduces her Coach- Part Two. If you really enjoy it, or you just want to hear it in my sexy voice, be sure to get my Audio Blog. Check out my girl Holly’s Blog for more tales.

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