CFNM – SPH – A Simple Hazing Ritual – Azr – A – 0004 Part II

It felt like hours had passed alone and now, completely naked in this tight closet.  Just as my extremities were starting to numb, I heard footsteps and giggles approaching.  My eyes were still covered by the scarf when the door opened but I could see the slightest bit of light shining through the looseness of the fabric’s weave.


A pair of hands roughly grabbed me.  Staggering a bit, I began to allow myself to be guided into whatever method of retribution they had planned.


The silk blindfold was ripped from my eyes.  I looked around at the 10 girls who now surrounded me in the large, bright, white bathroom.  Their eyes surveying my body, pointing, and giggling.


My hands moved to try to maintain some semblance of modesty in covering up my exposedness.


“Look at that tiny pecker!”


The more they pointed and laughed, the more I tried to will myself to be invisible.


I couldn’t believe they were talking about my penis in that way!  No girl has ever seen me naked before, I can’t believe this is happening!


Just then, one of the girls got down on her knees in front of me.


“This can’t actually be its real size.”  She reached down, grabbing my penis, and started to jerk me off.


“I can’t even fit my whole hand around it!  Look, I am only using two fingers, this is insane!”


Stroking her index and middle fingers along the top and working the thumb along the underside of my shaft, I started to feel tingles throughout my body.  Of course, I had touched myself before but having this gorgeous girl touching me brought the pleasure to new heights.


As the girls started to crowd around even more to watch my dick being stroked, another girl said she wanted to see what this little dick was like.


Pushing the first girl out of the way, she sucked me into her mouth in one fast motion.  My cock was so small that she was easily able to take the whole thing without any struggle.  As she started to bob up and down I felt my balls get even tighter.  I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and I begged her to stop.  Tears were starting to well-up in my eyes, which made the girls laugh even harder.  I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to run away from the whole situation.


The initial girl who started stroking my tiny dick looked at my tear-stained and splotched face and said, “Ladies, I know what he needs.”  Her devious voice echoed in my ears.  Fear made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up.


She pushed me backwards.  I hit the ground with a thud.  Before I registered what was happening, I saw her hiking up her hemline and sliding her panties off.


The wetness of her pussy dripped down onto the head of my tiny cock as she began to squat down.  In one motion, she plopped down and I was inside her tight hole.


Back and forth, she moved her hips to find the right spot.  I watched as her head bent back she took her pleasure from my tiny cock while the others asked if she could actually feel anything inside her, provided it was so tiny.


As her moans grew more and more frequent they had their answer.


I couldn’t contain myself any longer and shot my thick load all over her pussy lips.  I wanted to shoot inside her but my tiny pecker slipped out from her movement and wetness, my jizz squirting all over her lips.


Just as quickly as it started, my clothes were thrown at me, and I was dragged out the front door.


“Let that be a lesson to you,” the girl who sucked me off shouted, and the door was slammed shut.


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