CFNM – SPH – A Simple Hazing Ritual – Azr – A – 0004 Part I

It feels like I’ve been in this darkness for hours.  Wedged in between a shoe rack and a suitcase, stilettos have spilled over onto the floor and are poking my bare ass.  This was supposed to be a dare, a light hazing ritual as part of initiation…


Starting at a new school, I was trying to fit in and decided to try out for the soccer team.  When I saw my name posted as making the cut, I thought the hardest part was over.  Boy, was I wrong!  Little did I know this academy had a long-held tradition of running new players through the gauntlet to prove their worthiness for tribal acceptance.


I had one final task before finally crossing-over as the newest team member.  I was tasked with going to the girl’s dormitory for a good ole’ fashioned panty raid.


Sneaking inside was surprisingly easy.  The other guys told me where the trellis was at the back of the house and how to climb into the second-floor bedrooms.  It was a warm day and the guys knew the windows would be open to let in the cool, night air.


Navigating thorns from the roses and ivy as I climbed, I heard the cacophony of everyone cloistered downstairs.  I peeked into the dimly lit window at the top of my climb and scoped out the location for the dresser.  The floorboards creaked while moving across the vastness.  To my luck, the top drawer was overflowing with panties and a red thong was already peeking out the top right corner!


Pocketing it, I looked back at the open window but decided to carry on and prove my aptness for difficult tasks.


It was in the middle of moving to the second room that I heard voices coming up the stairs.  Darting into the closest room with a door open, I was so intent not to be caught by the ones coming up the stairs that I didn’t even look to see if the room was empty.  No sooner had I snuck inside and started to breathe a sigh of relief, I heard screaming.  Books were flying at my head from the irate screamer behind me.


A second later, the room was filled with angry coeds.  A tall blonde with long, wavy hair stepped forward, her eyes like daggers.


“You little boys think you can come in here anytime you like and steal our stuff.  We’ve had enough!  You are going to pay!”


The crowd began to approach and encircle me.  A thin brunette with eyes like emeralds approached with a stilted smile across her alabaster face.  Removing a silk scarf from her neck, she placed it over my eyes.  Hands tore at my clothes in an animalistic manner while simultaneously being pushed into a narrow doorway.  The door slammed shut.


Stay tuned for Part II to this CFNM story in the next few days.  Can’t wait, listen to the full audio, read by me 🙂

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