So, a few days had passed, and I was afraid that I had scared him away from the whole concept. Maybe I pushed him a little too far. Finally, I saw him peaking in my window again. This time I was not on a call and was free to torment him slightly. I went and got my box out and began to clean my toys. Pulling out that big skin-colored dildo first, knowing that sissy was watching, I took my time wiping it down. Once I had it clean, I brought it to my lips and slowly began to suck on it. Playing with the head with my tongue. Of course, I behaved like I did not see him getting closer to the window. 

This was getting fun. I knew the soon-to-be my sissy toy was close that he had been sitting in his house thinking about these toys. I walked over to my television and put on shemale porn. Sitting down on the bed, I pulled out the butt plug. Obviously, he would not be able to resist, and within 5 minutes, there was a knock on the door. He stood there with his cock pointing out through his shorts, clearly uncomfortable. I invited him in and told him to come to my bedroom. He sat on my bed next to the box, reached in, and grabbed the plug. Before I was going to reward him, he was going to have to do something for me. 

Just like sissy phone sex play, I demanded. Tell me that you have thought about that big cock in your pretty mouth.  

He mumbled the words, and I told him it was not good enough; I needed more. He would not get to play with my toys until he admitted he liked cock. Finally, he looked me in my eyes and said since I have left your house, I can not stop picturing sucking on that giant dick; please, please give it to me. Of course, I was not going to give him exactly what he asked for just like that. I instructed him to take the plug and lube it up. Once it was good and wet, he would have to strip down. Standing there completely naked and looking nervous while holding the plug, I told him to rub it from his taint up his crack and back again. 

His eyes closed in pleasure as the pointy head pressed against that sensitive skin. Good, now it was time to put it in. He looked at me crazy but started to push it into that tight hole anyway. FUCK! He yelled loudly as in plunged into him. Oops, maybe I should have warned him to go slowly, huh? Finally, he was ready. I had him pick up my favorite dildo and told him to suck on the tip. To move that tongue around the head and go deeper and deeper. His cock was jumping; I knew he was going to explode fast. Walking over, I pushed his head down on that giant shaft. Playing gag the fag is so much fun. His cum squirted all over me. 


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