Sissy Phone Sex: Heather Turns The Neighbor Out.

The Series – Part 3


Opening the box and letting his eyes roam the box as I tried to read his expression was fun. Honestly, I probably have a small sex store in my chest. This was more fun than sissy phone sex. First, confusion ran through his face. Second, there was definitely fear. Finally, he looked intrigued. Asking him to pick out the toy that looked the most interesting to him was fun. He scanned the box, intimidated for sure. Laughing, I told him that I was not going to use it on him just yet and that I just wanted to see what attracted him. He grabbed my 10-inch flesh-colored dildo. Maybe, getting him to admit he was a sissy would be easier than I thought. 

 I love that thing. It has balls and feels very real. Asked the boy to hold it in his hand and feel it. To close his eyes and ran his hands up and down that shaft and described it to me. As he ran his hands up and down that big cock, I could see his mouth water and his own cock start to pitch a tent. He told me that cock felt heavy and strong and was much bigger than his little cock. His fingers rubbed the head of that big toy as he licked his lips. Obviously, he was picturing that giant head filling his mouth. Gagging him as he sucked on it. My pussy started to creme thinking about it. 

As much as I wanted to mold him into my little sissy slut I had other ideas also. They included a lot of tease and denial. 

So, I could see the cock moving closer to his parted lips, but I was not about to give him what he wanted that easily. Reaching over, I pulled the dildo out of his hand. His eyes flew open, and he looked very disappointed. Before he could say anything, I replaced it with a butt plug. This one was black and pretty small. It had a studded back, so it shines once inserted into a tight tiny rectum. For someone who watches porn, he sure looked confused as to what he was holding on to. Feeling just how heavy it was for its small size. Time for some teasing. 

First, I pulled out the lube and handed it to him. I told him I wanted to see him get that little plug all wet. Next, as he rubbed lube on it, I told him that what he was holding was special. It was the key to spreading those tight virgin walls and being able to actually take a cock. This is what he would practice on before he could handle anything as big as what he was holding before. His face fell as he replied I am not a sissy. I am a man, and I do not appreciate you saying that. He got up and began to walk out of my house. Before he got to the door, I told him I would be with my box whenever he was ready to return. 

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