Sissy Phone Sex: Heather Turns The Neighbor Out.

The Series – Part 1

A new family moved next door recently; they seem pretty nice. Honestly, I was glad they had no minor children, as my job as a phone sex operator can get pretty loud. However, they do have a college-age son, but I figured he would not be mad that his Milf neighbor was moaning randomly. From the few times I had seen him, he seemed like he may be a closeted sissy, but it was hard to tell. Seeing someone struggle with their sexuality is something that I really hate. It makes me want to snatch them up and help them out. That was not an option as I never even spoke to him. All that was about to change, though. 

So, the other day the weather was terrific, and I left my windows open without thinking about it. I was on a work call and noticed him lurking in my yard, listening to what I was saying to my client. I did not think anything of it. He was not jacking off or anything, so I assumed he was just curious. As the day went on, I noticed he was still there, just outside my window; the phone rang just as I was about to say something to him. It happened to be one of my favorite sissy boys. Confronting him would have to wait until I was done with this client. Not wanting to scare him, I hoped to just go out and ask if there was anything I could do for him. 

As I gave my sissy cock sucking instructions, I peeked out the window. To my surprise, the neighbor boy was sucking on his fingers just like I was instructing my client. 

Of course, my interest was now peaked. This could be interesting. Moving closer to the window so the neighbor could hear me better, I instructed them both on how to be the best sissy ever. I headed outside to ask him as soon as the call was over. He looked spooked as I approached. Seriously, I thought he was going to bolt out of my yard. So, I told him I was not mad and wanted to talk to him, asking him to come inside for privacy. Sitting down on the couch, I explained the Temple and what being a Goddess was. How I found joy in letting people be their authentic selves and helping them feel ultimate pleasure. 

Then, I began to ask him questions, I tried to take it slow, but I was dying to know. I started with the question, had you called a phone sex company before? Since the answer was no, I followed that up by asking what he thought of my calls for the day and if this was the first time he listened to me take calls. Obviously, he was a nervous wreck, so I had an idea. I was going to treat this just like I would a call. 

Cum back on Friday to read part two! There are always extra details.  Don’t forget I am building a badass collection, so check out another one of my dirty adventures.
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