Sissy Phone Sex: Heather Turns The Neighbor Out.

The Series – Part 2

First, I asked him to tell me a little about himself. Of course, never having called before, he gave me the basics. He was 20, waiting to start school; they moved from a small town for his father’s job. He was single and never had a serious relationship. This would take some significant pushing if I were going to get him to acknowledge that he was a sissy. So, I asked him if he had ever fantasized about anything. If there was anything that he had never tried that always interested him. His face puckered as he tried to find a way to answer that question. Before he could, I asked him if he had watched porn. 

That seemed to be a little more comfortable to him. Obviously, he watches porn, but again he would not elaborate. I told him I wanted to try something with him to sit back, close his eyes, and listen to my voice. “Fantasies are normal; sex is meant to be fun and adventurous. It is fate that you ended up living next to me, and I am here to help you learn and experience your deepest sexual desires. This is a non-judgmental space, and anything you say will remain safe here. As I spoke, I saw his shoulders relax. I knew my technique worked. So, I asked what kind of porn you like to watch. 

His response did not surprise me at all she-male and male, female, male threesomes. He was one hundred percent a sissy in the closet. 

This was my dream come true I love helping sissy come out. It makes my pussy so wet. There is something very gratifying about making someone feel pleasure in what they fantasize. Imagining the transformation during sissy phone sex is satisfying. It is even better when you watch them live it. Now, I needed to know more before starting this sissification. I asked many more questions, learning he was a virgin and enjoyed watching cocks explode with cum on porn. The bigger the load, the better, and he would always cum watching them explode. The more I asked, the more excited I became. 

Getting someone to come out to you is not always easy, but I am here for it. So, it was time to ask much more personal questions. Have you ever used a sex toy? Did he have anything that he was really opposed to doing, and did his family have any idea of his little kinks? Staying away from the word sissy in fear that he would go running, I tried to get him to say he was interested in men. He did not know the answer to my questions as he was a virgin. Having a bright idea, I told him to hold on and went and got my box of treasures. 

There is so much more to this series.  Don’t forget I am building a badass collection, so check out another one of my dirty adventures.
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