What happens when I wake up horny?  Hot Morning Sex! You can read PART 1 of my sexy story here!


He lead her to the shower and turned on the water, hot steam began to fill the room. He loved hot morning sex too! Carly followed him into the shower. Hot water pored down their bodies. Tim grabbed some soap and lathered the spicy scent and began rubbing the soap on her breasts. Cleaning her whole body she then spoke,

“Your turn” She soaped up his body, saving his dick for last. He groaned when the feel of her hand touched his hard cock. They rinsed off. The bathroom was now steamy and warm like a tropical paradise. Carly got on her knees before him and slowly engulfed his hard cock in her mouth. Tim’s legs nearly gave way with the wonderful sensations. Always credited on her amazing blowjobs, this time was not different. Tim was on the edge of oblivion when he took his hard cock out of her mouth.

“Let’s finish this hot morning sex right.”

They stepped out of the shower and he pressed her up against the vanity, his hard dick up against her soft wet pussy. Kissing fervently, they searched each other mouths, their tongues mating in a wild seductive dance. His dick rubbing on her clit, Carly began to shake uncontrollably. “Please stick that hard cock in me ” She all but screamed. Tim picked her up and threw her on the bed.  She rolled over and stuck her hot ass in the air. “Take me Doggie, Baby.” “Oh I love that sweet ass”. Tim wanted that sweet pussy. He came up behind her, his cock standing proudly. He grazed the tip of his member in between her hot pussy lips. “Ask for it, baby”


“Where do you want it?” “IN MY WET CUNT! ” Pushing his cock in Carly squealed with delight. “Yes, fuck me baby” Slow at first, he pumped in and out of her, enjoying her wetness.“Oh yes, I love that cock”

He began to go in and out of her faster. She brought her gorgeous ass back meeting his thrusts. The wet sound echoed through the room reverberating in their ears, heating their lust. He grabbed her and flipped her on her back. Jamming his cock back in her pussy he began fucking her with fervor. Pushing her legs above her head. He fucked her with out mercy.

“Hammer me with the hard cock…”

Feeling his seed build up he eased up slightly wanting to prolong extend the inevitable.Tim looked in her deep blue eyes and said “fuck me, baby”.Turning over with him, his cock still buried in her depths, she was now on top of him. Carly was now riding him sliding up and down his rod, relishing the hard shaft in her hot wet pussy. Shaking with lust, Carly impaled herself on his rigid dick. With every fuck their excitement grew until they were both yelling with each thrust.

“Cum in me now, please baby.” Tim threw her down on her back, fucking her so hard she was screaming with lust. “NOWWWWWWWWWW!” They came together shaking and yelling their gratification. His hot seed shot in her causing her to cum even harder. Shaking, Tim laid upon her. Holding her, he kissed her face with great tenderness. They then heard their neighbor, Alicia grunting and moaning with lust. Hearing her cum Tim’s cock became hard again. “Tim, does that make you hot?” “Well, come on, even you think Alicia is hot. “Carly’s grin was infectious. “Well we might have to invite her over”, Tim grinned back at her. “We just might.” 

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